Dynamic Sales Playbooks - a better way to sell


Even with a defined sales process, a sale never happens the same way twice. Organizations need solutions that are flexible not only to specific structures, but individual selling situations. Qvidian Sales Playbooks can be used with any sales process, any methodology, or any content—enabling sales teams to be agile and adaptable without disrupting selling time.

Dynamic Sales Playbooks - a better way to sell


Today’s pace of business is fast. You need solutions that see results just as fast. With the ability to be up and running in a matter of days, you can make an impact quickly. So keeping up with pace or growth or rate of change is no problem. All the while your sellers are able to decrease time to revenue by getting real time guidance for every selling situation.

Sales Playbooks designed with the sales experience in mind


Sales teams won’t use something if it’s not easy to use. Our solutions are designed with the sales experience in mind. Sales rep adoption is key to seeing a return on your investment, as well as a direct impact on closed revenue. With simple administration tools, your support teams can adapt to changing requirements or sales structures easily and without disrupting sales.

Playbooks with analytics giving visibility into what is actually happening with your sellers


What good is process and technology if it doesn’t provide leadership with insight? Our sales analytics solutions include a level of reporting that provides new visibility into what is actually happening with your sellers. Integrated directly into Salesforce.com, sales leaders gain new insights right in their existing reporting and dashboard capabilities. Have more confidence in your forecasts, know pipelines are more accurate, and understand what’s working or not.

Sales Playbooks Mobile

Sales Playbooks Mobile

Increase sales productivity and effectiveness by harnessing the power of your CRM data, sales strategies and best practices to enable sales reps to have more valuable conversations – anywhere, anytime. Customers see sales cycles accelerated and more deals closed by ensuring their reps know what they need to do at each stage of the buying cycle. Sales Playbooks Mobile is available on Salesforce1, iOS and Android smartphones or tablets.  Learn more >

Top Sales Tools

Rated a 2014 Top Sales Tool

Qvidian has been named one of the “Top 40 Sales Tools of 2014″ in the Sales Enablement category by Smart Selling Tools. The annual listing is designed to provide guidance to B2B enterprises on the best sales and marketing tools to drive revenue.