2015 Content Automation Trends Report

Content overload is a thing of the current and the future for organizations in 2015. Selling and marketing content, in particular, is intended to drive your organization forward through strategic customer alignment.


Salesforce.com Integration

With low user adoption, CRM systems inconsistently store prospect and customer data, not delivering the results that organizations need for successful sales execution.


[INFOGRAPHIC] The Buyer's Journey Map

60% of deals end in no decision, and it boils down to this: buyers today are overwhelmed. They’re overloaded with information that’s vague, disconnected from their real needs, highly impersonal, and downright valueless. They’re tired of being sold to… they just want to buy!

Qvidian Sales Playbooks & Analytics Demo

Streamline Sales Complexity with Qvidian Sales Playbooks (demo)

Learn how Qvidian can help you streamline sales complexity into a repeatable process with Sales Playbooks & Analytics.


Research Update: Sales Process Adoption & Usage

This Sales Management Association webcast examines how large sales forces are using defined sales processes, their impact on performance, and factors contributing to sales process adoption and effectiveness.

Capturing New Business Solution Sheet

Capturing New Business - Sales Playbooks Solution Sheet

Download this solution sheet to find out how Qvidian Sales Playbooks can help you capture new business and close the gap between buyer needs and sales alignment.

Sales Playbooks: The What and Why.

Sirius Decisions Research Brief

Sales Playbooks: The What and Why. This free research brief by Sirius Decisions describes what a Sales Playbook is and why playbooks are critical in driving productivity for the entire sales team.