Jack Henry & Associates values Qvidian’s supported collaboration

Jack Henry & Associates values Qvidian’s supported collaboration

Jack Henry & Associates values Qvidian’s supported collaboration and how that dramatically reduces pressure on their small proposal team. Working together, the team is much better able to handle tight deadlines and has increased efficiencies across the board.

Fifth Third Bank maximized the value of Qvidian

Fifth Third Bank maximized the value of Qvidian to optimize their content

Fifth Third Bank, a major regional bank crossing 13 states, maximized the value of Qvidian by customizing the use of the system for each person involved. They have seen a dramatic increase in use of the system and their ability to optimize their content management.


Best Practices: Sales Content Management

It happens multiple times a day: you’ve got different members of the sales and marketing organization that all need your help with their content.  It could be anything from a presentation, to an rfp or proposal, and even collateral. 

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Content Automation Trends Report: What's Up With Your Sales Content? On-Demand Webinar

Qvidian’s first edition of the Content Automation Trends Report comes at a trying time in the selling ecosphere.


Making Marketing Content Work in Selling Situations On-Demand Webinar

The right words in the right order: that’s one definition of persuasive writing. But which are the right words? And what’s the right order? Can you use your existing marketing copy in your sales proposals and presentations? Or does it need to be changed so that it will be effective? 

Proposals, RFPs, Sales Content Personalization

What's in the magic hat of great Sales Content?

Proposals – you know the drill. You’ve been here before and you know your proposal has to stand out among the rest. But how do you make that happen? Personalize it for each person on the buying committee. It’s easier than you think and more important than you know.


[INFOGRAPHIC] Content Automation Trends Report

Content overload is a thing of the current and the future for organizations in 2015. Selling and marketing content, in particular, is intended to drive your organization forward through strategic customer alignment.


Advanced Content Analytics

Content is the backbone of sales. Companies today invest significantly in the creation of content for selling documents.

Use Qvidian for product documentation, RFPs and proactive proposals for sales

Fifth Third Case Study: Efficiency and the Bottom Line

Fifth Third  Bank discovered this when they embraced Qvidian’s software solutions to  add efficiency to their proactive proposals, RFP responses, and product  documentation efforts as well as to support their critical need for data security and compliance regulations.

Prove the Power of Content Marketing eBook

Prove the Power of Content Marketing: 6 Ways Playbooks Can Bridge the Sales Gap and Tie Back to Revenue

Download this new E-book to learn how progressive companies are addressing this disconnect by closing the loop and creating the right content assets for key points in the sales funnel.


Art and Science: It Takes Both to Develop Great Content

All of this adds up to an important question: What really makes a good proposal? How can you improve how you develop and manage content to produce more effective proposals?


Rehmann Case Study: A Driving Force

In order to live up to that identity, Rehmann realized they needed to look for a way to  build consistency, accuracy and speed into their proposal development activities. After several mergers, Rehmann had grown to encompass 19 offices where more than 400 proposals are prepared each year.


More Content, More Problems: The Struggles of a B2B Sales Rep

Do your salespeople know when and how to use all the content, tools, and training you’ve given them so they can be the trusted advisers buyers expect?


Measuring the Impact of Content Across the Buying Cycle

Content is becoming a critical component in connecting with prospects and moving them along the buying cycle, yet there are still gaps in the process.