Sales Presentation Software for Custom PowerPoints

Automatically generate persuasively structured presentations that match the key points of your proposal and deliver a powerful and compelling message. Advanced features make it easy to pre-design slides, incorporating your specific structure and content requirements so anyone on your team can quickly find relevant presentation material and customize it for the intended audience. On average, Qvidian customers create sales presentations 40% faster and increase their win rate by 28%.


Reinforce your Sales Process

Qvidian's dynamic content engine is highly configurable to mirror your specific sales methodology for peak effectiveness.

Highly configurable sales presentation software


Powerful Presentation Software with Intelligent Search Capabilities

Find the content you need quickly—search results are prioritized by which slides are accepted the most.

Search for PowerPoint content for your sales presentations


Maintain Consistency 

Every presentation contains accurate, approved content and Microsoft PowerPoint templates make it easy to match your corporate identity--thanks to Qvidian's easy-to-use presentation software.


Client-Focused Presentations

Dynamically include content relevant to your customer—leading to more client-focused, persuasive sales presentations. Within the content stored in Qvidian’s Library, you can use merge codes to identify areas for personalization. When you build your presentation, these merge codes will be replaced with the information you capture on the data screen.

Qvidian's presentation software allows you to personalize your sales presentions.


Simple, Intuitive Interface

Screen by screen, Qvidian’s intuitive wizard guides you through a series of screens and gives you choices for the most appropriate content. Everything is then assembled into a cohesive, well-structured presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. Edit and refine your deck to create the most compelling sales presentation possible with our innovative, cloud-based presentation software.