Close the Gap Between Strategy & Sales Execution

Increase Win Rates & Double Deal Sizes

The business of selling is complex. Qvidian helps companies close more business by providing ways to streamline and simplify that complex environment. By harnessing the best processes, sales tools, content and expertise, and providing sales leadership with more visibility, clients see dramatic results and gain higher returns.

Leveraging our innovative SaaS technologies and sales tools, companies make those winning strategies repeatable, easy to consume and adaptable and dynamic to unique selling situations. Qvidian enables companies to embrace the ever-changing world of Sales and build agile Sales organizations to adapt to changing strategies and environments.

On average, our customers increase their win rate by 28%
and improve productivity by 40%.
sales playbook

More Adaptability with
Sales Playbooks

Better manage change with more consistent sales methodologies that accelerate sales cycles by reinforcing best practices and making sales processes more repeatable.

Learn how you can easily improve the skills of your sales organization and reduce sales ramp up time with Qvidian Sales Playbooks.


sales analytics

Greater Insights with
Sales Analytics

More quickly identify what’s working and what’s not working in your sales process by gaining real-time visibility to improve sales activities and forecasting with Qvidian Sales Analytics.


sales playbook

Proven Results with
Personalized Selling Content

Reduce the time and cost of creating selling documents while improving quality and consistency to make content more effective with Qvidian Proposal Automation.


rfp responses

Manage & Streamline
RFP Responses

Quickly generate a professional RFP response — including cover letter, title page, table of contents, compliance matrix, and the questions and answers — in the Microsoft Word or Excel template of your choosing.


proposal automation

Quickly Create Automated
Personalized Sales Proposals

Create winning sales proposals in a fraction of the time. Qvidian draws on the sales person’s strength – knowledge of the client, and minimizes their weakness – writing skills and formatting.


personalized presentations

Easily Produce Client-Focused
Sales Presentations

Automatically generate persuasively structured PowerPoint presentations that match the key points of your proposal and deliver a powerful and compelling message.






Increase Effectiveness on the Go with
Sales Playbooks Mobile

Qvidian Sales Playbooks' native iPad app designed to provide sales teams with easy access to deal-specific content and resources—no matter where your reps are.