Our customers’ success depends as much on our expertise as it does on our technology. Qvidian’s Expert Services provide organizations a comprehensive roadmap and expert resources for sales execution success. By leveraging the latest technological advancements and our proven track record, Qvidian Service Experts help organizations meet their specific business goals and obtain desired results to increase productivity, scale easily, and improve effectiveness.

Your investment to ensure your sales team’s success isn’t just about technology. Qvidian’s approach to customer engagement includes a suite of services to help you get tangible results and achieve the highest return on your investments. Qvidian clients have peace of mind in knowing they are set up to succeed.

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Advisory Services

No two sales organizations are alike – and neither are their problems or solutions. Qvidian works with you to design solutions that fit within the unique requirements of your organization, including sales process review and mapping, user adoption programs, analytics review and optimization, and more.

We will work with all stakeholders to identify key business goals. We will determine the best use of technology and recommend process improvements to produce optimum results. Far beyond technology implementation, engagement with our team ensures organizations are maximizing the benefits of their sales execution solution.

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Content Services

To show customers that you understand their needs and care about their success, you need compelling content and a client-focused approach to selling. Qvidian understands the unique nature of writing compelling, persuasive, and client-focused content and helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your sales messaging, offering objective advice on how to improve your chance of winning.

Qvidian’s content services provide auditing, assessment, instructional and development services to create compelling and persuasive selling content. Content services experts also identify process automation opportunities to optimize productivity and sales effectiveness.

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Managed Services

Qvidian offers a variety of packaged Managed Services leveraging years of experience and industry best practices. Our Managed Services experts are on call to perform quarterly content refreshes, add and manage users and user permissions, and run key reports to provide you visibility into how your solution can be best utilized. Additionally, our team is on-call to answer your administration questions and requests throughout the service period.

Technical Services

Qvidian’s cloud-based sales execution solutions are highly flexible and configurable to accommodate the way you work. To take full advantage of their capabilities, Qvidian’s technical services are designed to get your system up and running quickly, and tailor it to your unique selling environment, including single sign-on services, custom reports, and integration services.

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Education Services

Ongoing success is only achievable if your users and administrators are regularly using and improving your system. Provided in various levels of self-service and full-service options, Qvidian training offerings ensure customers take full advantage of all the capabilities of the system to optimize productivity and build relevant skill sets. Services include train-the-trainer programs, admin & end-user training, and Qvidian University.

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At Qvidian, your success and satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why over 1,200 companies continue to rely on Qvidian to help them close more business in a repeatable, visible, and cost effective fashion.

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