Increasing Efficiency & Intelligence with Qvidian Digital Playbooks

Splunk software enables organizations to monitor, search, analyze, visualize and act on massive streams of real-time and historical machine data. More than 5,200 enterprises, universities, government agencies and service providers in over 90 countries use Splunk Enterprise to gain Operational Intelligence that deepens business and customer understanding, improves service and uptime, reduces cost and mitigates cybersecurity risk. Innovation is core to Splunk’s success and they looked to Qvidian to give them the edge.


This rapidly growing company determined that to keep up with growth, a new sales process that would run its business was needed. Taking the highly successful sales team’s best practices and customizing them specifically for Splunk, they built a static sales process that would govern the field organization of over 500 salespeople. But to ensure that the sales process, which included over 350 pieces of content, was used by the field organization, they needed to serve up the content in a different way. Splunk aimed to put power behind the static sales process and turn it into to an innovative, dynamic, mobile process. “One of the struggles I have had in sales is not having access to content when I needed it. I’ve always envisioned the ability to access information and just-in-time training while you’re in the trenches and executing,” said Bart Fanelli, Associate VP Global Field Operations at Splunk.


Splunk found the power needed to turn the static sales process into a dynamic and mobile one with Qvidian Digital Playbooks. “Qvidian takes all of our content and serves it up real-time within Salesforce. Now the reps in the trenches, no matter where they are — at their desk, a coffee shop, or at a customer site — can access content from their tablet. Qvidian tells us exactly what we need to know and what we need to do within each stage of the sales process. There were no other competitors that had anything like it,” says Fanelli.

Qvidian’s Digital Playbooks are embedded directly into Splunk’s CRM system, When a rep goes into an opportunity they have a dynamic sales process living right in the body of Salesforce. com. The playbook tells exactly what is needed to be done at each specific stage of the sales cycle and all of the marketing and competitive content needed is right at the reps’ fingertips. It also allows notes to be added within the opportunity for collaboration with their extended sales team. “I’ve never had easier access to the information that I need than here at Splunk. Now, when in customer facing situations, I can quickly and easily deliver compelling content to my customer right on the spot. For example, I can share relevant customer success stories right through the playbook’s interface,” said a Splunk field rep. “We really have it staged so that as a leadership team, we can leverage the interactive nature of the playbook to understand each opportunity better and then make the best business decisions with the field team to win more business. We have a true view of our pipeline and the status of all the opportunities in play throughout the quarter. The reps complete plays within the playbook and with the bidirectional communication. from the playbook into, the status and probability of the opportunity is updated automatically,” the rep concluded.

Qvidian leverages the investments we’ve made in marketing automation, CRM, sales process and marketing content, tools and content delivery technologies” added Fanelli. “When it’s time to provide a very professional proposal to our prospects and even our existing customers, we’re leveraging all of the relevant knowledge we’ve captured throughout the sales cycle via the playbook and bringing it into Qvidian’s proposal automation software. And if we decide a play or a piece of content is not working we can just change the playbook. It makes for a very seamless approach, and we think it’s a game changer for our business,” explains Fanelli. “Without question, Qvidian is an integral part of our field strategy, and we believe that it is an accelerant for our ability to capture revenue and grow and maintain this rapid growth path that we are on. It has taken us to the next level and because the reps have the information wherever they are, it has really lowered the adoption bar,” added Fanelli. “With Qvidian we can measure exactly what marketing content is being used in opportunities, what is working and what can be improved on. Moving forward we will be able to pass those metrics on to Marketing,” noted Fanelli.


To date, Splunk has deployed seven Digital Playbooks, including Account-based Playbooks, Opportunity Playbooks, and a Renewals Playbooks—all which are designed for those sales interactions. They have doubled the number of Qvidian licenses to meet the need of their growing team. At Splunk, the iPad is the interface of choice with over 500 salespeople utilizing iPads in their selling activities. With Qvidian’s mobile capabilities, Splunk’s sales reps are able to execute effectively in the field. “The ability to seamlessly access Qvidian’s Digital Playbooks on the go increases our team’s effectiveness and helps them build value based conversations for more engaging meetings. It also makes Splunk more efficient by giving our team one central location for content, whether it is for a customer presentation or part of Splunk’s internal sales execution process.”

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