Qvidian Helps Spectrum Business Optimize Their Success

Spectrum Business believes that success and efficiency are inextricable. As part of telecommunications company Charter Communications, they serve very large, complex enterprises, who rely on them for superior Internet, Ethernet, video, and phone services. What they do for their customers, Qvidian does for them in the area of proposals and Requests for Proposals (RFPs). With improved processes and automation, Spectrum has increased their proposal efficiency and effectiveness, and as a result, their success.


“Before Qvidian, Spectrum handled RFPs on a one-off basis. The process wasn’t as defined so it was kind of like the Wild West. We had sales engineers, sales support teams, and sales people who, even in their hotel rooms the night before a bid, would hand-write responses, on the fly. Obviously, that puts the company, and potentially the customer, at a lot of risk,” remarked Leslie Caldwell, RFP Specialist Manager, Spectrum Business. At that point, there was nothing even resembling a process for responding to RFPs. There was no central repository, no way of knowing if content was current and accurate, no branding, and no process for collaboration with subject matter experts, nor anyone else.


Spectrum decided to bring in Qvidian’s Consulting Services because they were only using the basics, a very simple library, a few document styles and they were not leveraging the entire platform. While the system was helpful, Spectrum was only scratching the surface of what the full Qvidian solution could offer. Some wonder why additional training might be needed. While training such as what was provided is included in the implementation phase for a new customer, there is often turnover where the person who held the knowledge and was trained initially has since moved on. The individual now running Qvidian was never part of that initial implementation training and so needed that support.

RFP team started to grow and evolve, and developed to the point that they were handling 30–40 new RFP requests, per week, during their busy season (E-Rate). This included everything from 1-2 page documents to 160 page RFPs that would easily double in length due to the complexity of the requirements and responses. With the growth of their company, that busy season expanded to last the whole year. While they were making progress with Qvidian, they needed to do more with the system. “We needed to optimize so we could really move the needle in how we were utilizing Qvidian to add efficiency to our day-to-day process, so we could handle larger and more complex RFPs. We brought in Qvidian Consulting Services to help us figure out what else could we be doing; how else could we use this solution,” stated Caldwell. Michael Heffelfinger, Director of Education at Qvidian, was assigned to work with the Spectrum team. “Before I went on-site with them, my goal was to truly understand what they were trying to accomplish, and what they needed,” commented Hefflefinger. “I slowly took them through the capabilities, and showed them what capabilities they were not yet leveraging that could really help them. What made it so impactful was that this was a client that was incredibly engaged.” The challenges Spectrum faced were similar to challenges faced by other organizations. Their main issues revolved around evaluating and managing their content. They also wanted to expand their use of document types, and automate their end-to-end process. Qvidian focused on optimizing Spectrum’s use of custom metadata, document architecture, RFP responses and style formatting. Qvidian’s Consulting Services provided a great deal of insight to how Spectrum could save time and money, opening their eyes to everything that Qvidian could do for them. “In the very first hour we worked with Spectrum, one team member said, ‘Oh my gosh, Michael, you just saved me 5 hours on what I’ve been doing for so long,” Heffelfinger remarked. Heffelfinger believes their success really came down to Leslie and her team. “They took so much ownership of wanting to learn, such a vested interest in wanting to take Qvidian to the next level, it was astonishing. The partnership that we were able to create with Spectrum, and where they’ve gone with the Qvidian platform is absolutely amazing,” he commented.


Qvidian encourages customers to take advantage of their Consulting Services. “Our team knows the product, and really understands the needs of our customers and how to guide them in their use of Qvidian. Our Services Team offers so much, from online courses, to our on-site training to open Q&A calls, there are numerous ways we can help our customers. Once we’ve engaged with a customer through our Consulting Services, their utilization skyrockets. We give our customers knowledge, confidence, and pride of ownership in Qvidian,” stated Heffelfinger. “Michael was fantastic!” declared Caldwell. “What I appreciated most was that he really took the time to research our company and industry. He understood our needs. Most of all, he was able to see how we were failing to use the solution, and that made all the difference,” she commented. “Because of Qvidian’s guidance, we are now optimizing the way we use the system. We are managing our content more effectively, creating our own templates, and seeing huge increases in efficiencies. We couldn’t be happier,” Caldwell continued. “Qvidian’s given us the time to focus on other critical items. Overall, the partnership with Qvidian has been extremely valuable.” In today’s competitive market, it is not enough to have a good process. Businesses that want to win need to optimize those processes and increase efficiencies in every area. When it comes to proposals, RFPs, and selling documents, Qvidian makes that possible and easy.

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