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Qvidian Helps Globalization Take Hold at Fortune 100 Technology Provider

A Fortune 100 technology company headquartered in the U.S. recently launched an initiative to globalize its offerings. To ensure that all proposals and responses to RFPs (Requests for Proposals) generated under this initiative present consistent messaging and branding in every country where the company does business, they implemented Qvidian content automation in 11 different languages.

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Before purchasing an enterprise license for Qvidian, the technology provider relied on a competing product that could not support a single global database. Instead, a separate database was required for each language, and each user group. Over time, this limitation translated into a situation where 19 disparate databases contained information required for proposals. In this complex environment, keeping content current was difficult, if not impossible, and, to further complicate matters, the content could not be shared. As a result, the company had no efficient way to prepare proposals and RFP responses with consistent branding, messaging, and information for their globalized products and services.

“We had a mandate to streamline our ability to respond to bid requests for global products and services, but we could not do so with our existing infrastructure,” commented the company’s Content Manager. “What we needed, and did not have, was a single global database containing accurate content presented in a consistent style, in several languages, for prospects around the world. We also needed to be able to leverage that database with tools that facilitate collaborative development of proposals and responses to RFPs. Finally, we wanted to give sales staff the ability to quickly search the database and obtain the information required to resolve ad hoc information queries.”


At first, the technology provider intended to meet these challenges with an updated version of their legacy proposal management solution. But they soon discovered that this product did not seamlessly integrate withtheir CRM and pricing systems, and could not be installed behind their firewall — both of which were critical requirements. “We chose Qvidian's proposal software because they alone met all of our requirements,” the Content Manager remarked. “The solutions share a single global database that we can use to manage translated content, they include workflow tools that facilitate tracking content lifecycles, and they make proposal and bid production fast and easy. Qvidian was also able to deliver the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to integrate with our CRM and pricing systems in a time frame that allowed us to meet our launch schedules. Not to be overlooked is the fact that the sales process with Qvidian was extremely professional and there was a cultural fit that made us want to partner with them.” The company prepares all content for their Qvidian database in English, and then also stores translated versions of this content in 10 additional languages.

Essentially, the database is segmented virtually, with clearly defined security roles that ensure users only have access to the specific content they need, in the languages they require. A user in Switzerland, for example, will only be allowed access to content in English, German, French, and Italian, while a user in Finland may only be given access to content in Finnish and English. All content is stored in standardized styles, regardless of language. Whether in Spanish or Czech, for example, content conforms to any of five levels of heading styles, and three styles of body text. By carefully controlling content style this way, proposals always have a similar look and feel, whatever the language or country of delivery.


The following three user groups at the company are currently leveraging the Qvidian solutions: A bids group, charged with responding to 10 percent of the highest value RFPs received, relies on RFP Responses to ensure that documents, branding, and messaging are always consistent. The solution allows these users to quickly respond to RFP questions that have relevant answers in the database, while also enabling them to add tailored information as appropriate. In one representative application, RFP Responses is being used to locate and retrieve ISO certificates that need to be included in RFPs — a task that is typically repeated as often as 75 times every month. Before implementing RFP Responses, this task took more than three hours, but now, it takes only seconds, saving the company as much as 225 hours a month.

Sales staff rely on Qvidian to create the proposals they need to meet the requirements of prospects. Before rolling out this solution, a sales person would spend a minimum of half a day preparing a single proposal, and the proposal did not always contain the right messaging, branding, or information. Over 700 sellers use Qvidian to produce proposals in under 5 minutes. Qvidian enables the company to generate proposals, responses to RFPs, statements of work that are attached to sales contracts, and quick answers to sales inquiries. All fully meet all pre-set presentation requirements, and the information needs of the prospect.

Solutions consultants, responsible for preparing statements of work that are attached to final contracts, also rely on Qvidian to quickly access the content they need. The company has created a document type in the Qvidian solution called “statement of work,” so these documents always meet corporate standards for style, completeness, and accuracy. All of the above three groups also use Qvidian to research information when a formal document is not required. With this solution any authorized Qvidian user can query the database and quickly find the information they need to respond to a customer inquiry, or to prepare themselves for a sales call.

With the impact of Qvidian's proposal software now realized, this technology provider is increasing penetration of their Qvidian solutions througout their enterprise.

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