Your Success Is...Personal


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Jun 22, 2015


Qvidian prides itself on being a partner – measuring its success by the success of its customers. If you ask Michael Robb, Content Producer for Globoforce, he’d say, “There must be something to that.” Globoforce is  a company in the employee recognition business and has been growing its customer base each and every year, now reaching millions of employees around the world. With more than 80% of their customers initially gained through RFPs (requests for proposals), Michael is quick to credit Qvidian for the software’s role in helping the company scale.

Michael has seen Globoforce benefit from Qvidian in a multitude of ways: increased productivity, ability to customize proposals, efficiency and time savings now creating proposals in 2 days instead of 2 weeks, as well as significant win rate improvements compared to when account reps were creating their own RFP responses without Qvidian.

“We use Qvidian for everything. I use it for creating proposals, each with different cover letters, executive summaries, etc. Qvidian enables me to store images as well as written content which enhances our customization abilities. The workflow of the system is great: updating content, assigning questions to subject matter experts, and more. I engage a lot of people in product marketing, product development, IT/Security, Operations and Customer Service in this process and Qvidian makes it easy.”

The success with Qvidian doesn’t just affect Globoforce as a company. Michael has experienced significant success individually as well. “Last year, I made the sales leadership club and won a trip to Bermuda for me and my wife. That was fantastic! I’m lucky to be one of the most recognized individuals in the company, and I know I couldn’t have done this without Qvidian. Qvidian’s also benefited me in my career growth. Because of my success, I’m being given the opportunity to tackle more projects outside of my normal day-to-day activities.”

Increasing efficiency wasn’t just something that was important to the company’s survival, it was imperative. Today, efficiency takes on a rewarding, positive tone because it is not a question of surviving as much as an opportunity to thrive.

If your company could increase their win rates by double digits, what would that mean to your company? What would that mean to you?