What the Shift to The Cloud Means for Sales Leaders


Posted By Karen Meyer | Jul 19, 2013


Let’s talk about The Cloud. I am unaware of a more overused and misunderstood term in software than “The Cloud”. It has come to mean anything and everything, from panacea to menace and all places in between.

And Qvidian is a provider of “cloud-based” SaaS solutions!

I am going to give a more technical definition of the term, and then explain to you why you should be happy (even thrilled) to be in Qvidian’s cloud. The term cloud in the world of software is derived from a form of data center deployment, usually done on some kind of “virtualized” infrastructure. Hardware virtualization is a robust and time-proven technology to provide and allow for a platform that reduces all “computing resources” (CPU cycles, main memory, storage space) to commodity units and allows these resources to be allocated or changed instantly. The Cloud in this sense, refers to the amalgamation of all of these resources and the ability to allocate them.

When Qvidian began its journey to providing a world-class SaaS offering, we started by building a world-class virtualization fabric. We built the Qvidian Cloud! And on that cloud, we deployed Qvidian’s solutions.

You probably are saying “what does this mean for me? Why is this a good thing?” Truthfully, it is actually a great thing for both of us (a win/win!). Qvidian gets to allocate resources in real-time to respond to real-time events and you get instant allocation exactly when your business needs it. That means not when you tell your IT department that you need a new server (“the lead time on that is six months”), but at the very moment you need it.

Are your sales and proposal teams cranking out more sales documents and closing more business at the end of each quarter? Our virtualization fabric can react in real-time to direct more resources to that request, ensuring you continue business as usual.

In addition, our SaaS solutions provide:

1. Lower total cost of ownership

Companies can eliminate the costs associated with hardware, third-party software, maintenance, and personnel.

2. Faster implementation time & scalability

No more waiting on internal IT teams to get you on The List. With our SaaS solution, you can be up and running quickly! And, as I said previously, we can scale as fast as your business does.

3. Automatic upgrades

Get the latest patches and upgrades to ensure you are using the current version of the application.

4. Security

We have passed some of the most stringent testing from banks, healthcare companies and many others. The security of your data is our top priority. Through our partnership with an industry-leading hosting provider, Qvidian leverages a state-of-the-art data center, as well as our own application and architecture, with the security to withstand both natural and man-made disasters.

5. Focus on your business, not on technology

Access to the Qvidian platform will be fast, secure, and highly available. We handle the technology so you can focus on growing your business.

So here’s the brief translation for sales leaders: cloud solutions = less disruption on sales. Our cloud based SaaS solutions work as hard and as fast as you do. Changes are seamless to your sellers and you don’t need to have a computer science degree to use or adapt our technology to your business. Focus on closing deals; we’ll handle the technology.

Cloud computing and its benefit to Sales teams