Webinar Recap: The Magic of RFPs and Proposals


Posted By Qvidian | Oct 02, 2015


Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with two experts in the sales content space - our very own Steve Snow, Manager of Content Services, and Debra Bowness, Strategic Sales Manager at Teknion.  The topic was, “What’s in the Magic Hat of Great Sales Content” and the pair provided great insights and suggestions for compelling RFP responses and proactive proposals for the audience.  

Did you miss out?  Don’t worry, here are a few tips and tricks from the session:

  • RFP responses and proactive proposals are sales documents, not information documents. So they must be more about selling than telling of information.

  • Begin with an understanding of the customer. Even if you don’t know who they are, do your research and learn about the industry, company or anything else to educate yourself.

  • Writer’s block staring at that blank page?  Start by organizing around the table of contents. Once you structure what needs to be written, filling in the blanks is much easier.

  • Write the executive summary first, then the rest of the structured document, then review the executive summary and update as needed.  Do not leave the executive summary for last.

  • Front matter is important in any type of sales document. You must still answer their questions, but front matter allows you to tell your story about how your solutions meets their needs.

  • Persuade your buyer by writing to all members of the buying to committee, not just one. The Corporate Executive Board states there’s an average of 5.4 members of the buying team. Be sure you are persuading each of them.

  • Measure success both quantitatively (did we win?) and qualitatively (does the prospect have a better appreciation of us now?).  Winning is important, but so is leaving a lasting impression with your buyers. Even if you lose the deal, a good impression might ensure they return later.

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There were lots of great questions from the audience as well, so be sure to check out the recording of the session to not only hear more detail on the above tips, but also other great advice and perspectives on what works (and what doesn’t!).

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