True or False: 7 Things Every Sales Rep Says


Posted By Qvidian | Oct 16, 2012


1. I have better content than marketing.
Do they think I actually use what they send? They don’t ask me for input or if their content works or not. If they did, I’d show them what I use so they could make the content they produce better and more relevant to my needs.

2. I can’t find the information I need to close my deals.
Stop making me go to so many sites to find content and resources. I then have to log into and learn all these different sites, remember passwords and, sometimes, I don’t even find what I need. I’ll just create my own stuff.

3. My manager spends more time asking me what I’ve done than helping me win.
Pipeline and commit exercises are painful enough. Why aren’t my managers spending more time helping me close deals?

4. reports are for my manager, I don’t use them.
Most of the time, my real deal status isn’t captured there (SFDC). I put it in last minute, sometimes on the brink of closing a deal or just when I’m having a planned conversation with my boss or when I need to get paid.

5. I spend 50% of my time in the field and can’t access content on my iPad.
It is hard to work with customers in the field, use all the administrative systems and keep the CRM up-to-date. At a minimum, I just need to be able to access the right content at the right time while on the road.

6. Classroom training is a waste of time.
Occasionally I’ll find a useful nugget or two, but mostly I never remember anything after the training. The binder full of PowerPoint slides and worksheets that sits on a shelf in my office just collects dust.

7. I don’t know what other reps are doing to win deals.
We have some reps who are rockstars, and I want to know what they do in the sales process to be so successful. What content are they using to close deals? How are they speaking differently to the various stakeholders? I need this data now and I need it to be constantly updated.

Tell us what you think! Have your heard these comments before and did we miss other key sales ‘truths?’

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