Transformative Change in the Sales Force with Dr. Tom Sant: Webinar Recap


Posted By Kaitlyn Myers | Sep 27, 2013


In our recent webinar with Dr Tom Sant, he discussed Transformative Change in the Sales Force: Overcoming the Barriers to Success. His discussion kicked off with four challenges around resisting change. Many people resist change - whether it’s a change in our life or changing the way we work.

Here are four common reasons for resisting change, specifically changing the way we work:

  1. Afraid of losing something of value – We might be afraid of losing money (especially if on commission), or could be a loss of prestige. If you’ve always been recognized as a top performer, it would be natural to be concerned that you may not do as well with a new way or methodology.

  2. Misunderstanding the change – Sometimes people will misunderstand the change. They’ll question why the change is needed instead of embracing it. Resistance to change does not reflect opposition, nor is it from inaction.

  3. Don’t believe the change makes sense - Sometimes, projects that standardize sales methodology and or introduce new tools might be feared as part of a plan to deskill the sales team and bring in less experienced (and thereby less expensive) staff. And other times it might be external factors driving the change (like market conditions or competitors) but management may not communicate effectively and leave the sales team confused.

  4. Low tolerance for change - Some people just don’t handle or tolerate change very well. Make sure that all teams are working together through the change and helping others who may not be adjusting as well.

Top-level managers see change as an opportunity to strengthen the business by aligning operations with strategy, to take on new professional challenges and risks, and to advance their careers. For many employees, however, including middle managers, change is neither sought after nor welcomed. It is disruptive and intrusive. It upsets the balance.

                Resistance to sales force change

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So what could be done about these challenges?

Without a broader perspective and a shared vision of the challenges the company—and its sales organization—are facing, the sales person may not see the rationale. When they don’t see the logic behind a change, they will fight it, sabotage it or ignore it. Make sure that all changes are communicated thoroughly and that you have buy-in from top management.

Check out the webinar recording to learn ways to overcome these barriers to change (and more!)

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Check out the webinar recording to learn ways to overcome these barriers to change. Watch Now