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Posted By Dr. Tom Sant | Jul 24, 2013


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To prepare for Tom’s Messages that Matter upcoming moving day to the Sales iQ Blog, we cleaned out some closets and found the most popular Messages that Matter articles. Even if you’ve already read them, it’s always a good idea to refresh your memory! And, sign up for Qvidian’s Sales iQ Blog today to keep receiving helpful tips from Tom Sant and other valuable articles from Qvidian and our partners.

The most-viewed article should be of no surprise to our readers: 7 Traits of Effective Sales Organizations. Everyone is interested in bettering their sales organizations, so mirroring the key traits of successful companies is what our readers have been most interested in! Click here to review this article and see what those traits are! Does your company have these 7 traits?

Coming in at a close second with our readers is Minimizing Cognitive Dissonance. In this article, Tom explores the kind of discomfort that arises from holding contradictory ideas and relates that theory to the sales process. As one of the primary goals of our sales messages, we need to reduce cognitive dissonance by raising awareness of what we have in common. Tom points out four key ways for you to make your sales messages resonate with your audience here.

Hitting our list at 3 and 5 were two of the messages Tom wrote in a 7-part series on key questions to answer when writing killer sales proposals. Firstly, What is the Customer’s Problem or Need? When writing a proposal, it’s important to dig underneath the surface and really hone in on the customer’s needs. By doing so, you’ll be able to gain a better understanding of the customer’s pain points and by using the information you learned in the number 2 post above, write a compelling message that resonates with the customer.

Also in this series, What Products or Services Can We Offer, was a big hit with our readers! This one may sound like a no-brainer, but there are so many times when folks want to pitch ALL products and services instead of tailoring a solution to address the prospect’s specific needs. If you throw together a huge proposal listing everything but the kitchen sink, the prospect will be confused and overwhelmed. Here, Tom discusses helpful tips (including proposal automation) that will help propose the right mix of solutions and services to achieve the prospect’s goals.

If you missed any of the 7-part series on key questions to answer when writing killer sales proposals, click here to see them all!

Selling Lean came in at number 4. With current economic conditions, companies have to do more with less. Tom discusses key ways to identify and eliminate waste while utilizing automation and technology to improve sales processes and make a leaner sales team work smarter.

Is there a past Messages that Matter article that was your favorite that is missing from our list? Tell us below!

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Dr. Tom Sant

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