The Space Between the Notes


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Apr 11, 2016


In music, it is said that the space between the notes is what makes the song. Artists will tell you their use of white space is central to their painting. What are we saying here? We’re saying that in anything we do, it’s essential to look at the whole picture.

Our customers have found this is true as well when they look at how they are using Qvidian’s software systems. Qvidian offers so much functionality that, sometimes, customers don’t explore all the options. They learn how to use 1/3 of the system and get comfortable there, not realizing that they are leaving out functionality that would give them a better experience. In other words, they are arranging the notes without any spaces in between. Without utilizing Qvidian’s full functionality, they are creating a little ditty rather than composing a symphony.

Qvidian’s Professional Services make it incredibly easy to compose your own symphony for proposals covering all elements of your proposal needs including:

• Educational – How to use the software, tactical piece, why certain features over others
• Consulting – Managing the implementation, achieving specific goals
• Technical – Helping with Salesforce integration, single sign-on
• Content – Help writing and reviewing proposals, etc.

When you engage Qvidian, you get a team that cares deeply about your success. For example, our Consulting Services guide customers through the learning experience, first by understanding their goals and then by looking specifically at what functions they are using and what functions they are not using. With this knowledge, Qvidian is able to show the customer which parts of the system can be used more effectively to generate results that exceed their expectations.

Now, with a better perspective of what’s offered and what’s possible, the customer has the ability to compose a winning process and collaborative experience. Everyone begins to sing their praises.

When you are wondering how to move your proposal team forward, take a tip from the artists. Connect with Qvidian to see what you are doing and what you are not doing. Get a complete picture of your process and team. Understanding that will enable you to build the spaces between the notes.