Searching for Answers with Qvidian


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Apr 06, 2015


At different times in our lives, we find ourselves searching for answers. Whether it's in young adulthood: What college should I attend? Should I even attend? or later in a more relaxed life: Where should I go on vacation? And even including the inevitable: Is the dishwasher clean or dirty?, we encounter questions all the time, from the big to the mundane.  And when we don't immediately know the answer to something, we search, we consult experts, and we consider... Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the Proposal field.  Anyone who has managed proposals, or any part of the process, knows the pain that comes from searching for answers, especially under tight deadlines.

In some of my conversations with customers, I’ve talked a lot about some of the frustration and pain points that they had experienced. Searching for answers, sharing content, and trying to produce proposals with speed was excruciating.

“When doing RFPs without QPA, I felt like I was alone, stranded on an island. Subject matter experts would get frustrated with my questions saying ‘Didn’t I already answer this?’ and they had, but just had no idea where to find the answer. With Qvidian, I know where to find whatever I need.”

Qvidian's Proposal Automation solution helped them breathe again. In addition, their production speed increased multiple times over. The results exceeded their expectations and increased their confidence in themselves and their content.  In turn, their companies increased win rates. Some claim that they have a 50% increase in productivity, saving the team three days of work, others boast that it now takes half the time for 5x faster output.

“We have writers, project managers, and RFP coordinators. All these individuals can create content. Because of that, it’s even more necessary to have a central place to store and manage it all. And now, we do.”

As a leader in the proposal field, Qvidian understands your pain. We've been able to alleviate a great deal of frustration and struggle with powerful collaboration tools for streamlining RFP responses and proposals with intuitive features like true personalization, improved proposal quality and better control over content.  

We’re excited about the success we’ve brought to our customers, and are eager to share that on April 25, 2015, we're releasing some very cool new features. Here's a peak at what's to come: 

• Completely new UI for an intuitive search experience

• The ability to run multiple searches at one time

• Enhanced capability for selecting the right content faster

• Advanced content analytics and dashboards

At Qvidian, we listen to our customers and we work to improve our solutions every day giving you the features, functionality and reliability you need and deserve. With our upcoming release we're ready to do just that and more, providing you with the features and tools you need to get your job done faster, all while personalizing and creating quality content with increased ease. At Qvidian, we see ourselves as your partner  ̶  here to help you find the answers.