Say it ain't so: Buyers no longer need sellers


Posted By Qvidian | Jul 01, 2015


With nearly 60% of decisions complete before a customer even interacts with a sales rep, it’s of little wonder why selling is in a state of flux. Some even attest that the days of the sales role as we know it today are numbered, soon to be replaced by some form of robotic selling. But what’s really happening in the industry that’s causing this shift? Our innate nature hasn’t changed – we are, and have always been – individuals looking to make the best possible purchase decision to service our unique and evolving needs.

By the same token, we’re undeniably influenced by our circle of peers (be it our family, friends, coworkers, and/or those we view as leaders), which is also – and perhaps subconsciously – determining the way we buy. In other words, making a truly wise buying decision is a process that will ideally involve the right sphere of influence and effective guidance. But the question at hand continues to linger: Are buyers capable of guiding themselves in the direction of the most fruitful purchasing decision? Maybe to a degree…

The catch at the center of this discussion finds its way back to our ancestors; a communicative bunch, they relied on a culture of collaboration for our most basic purpose of survival, using various forms of communication to build civilization as we know it today. And it’s clearly possible to make great decisions on one’s own – in fact, our culture values independence – doing so fails to utilize our most natural desire to connect and communicate. When Googling and relying on a number of company websites to make your buying decision, the amount of information the buyer comes across is quite literally endless, but it’s also static. And unlike your thought process, each piece of information stands alone – it doesn’t bend according to each spark of thought, and it’s far from agile.

So when it comes to the argument of whether or not sales people are needed, Joanna Black, America’s top referral sales expert, says it best on her post in The Selling Power Blog:

“Word-class salespeople know and care about their clients. We understand their most pressing business issues and greatest challenges. We know about developments in their industry and competitive landscape. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Buyers don’t need just information. They need help uncovering the best solutions to strengthen their business, and this is help comes, not from a “Click Here” link, but from an experienced salesperson who knows how to ask the right questions.

The more technology-driven this world gets, the more we appreciate the personal touch: real recognition, in-person communication, and actually getting to work with people. Continue reading more from Joanna Black here.

In short, I’d like to wrap this blog up on a humanistic, more personal note: While writing this post, I’ve gathered my ideas on the matter from a plethora of places. And I’d love to chat about this some more. Give me a ring at 513-631-1155, and make sure to press 1 :-)