Survey Says: Sales Organizations Growing, but Hindered by Sales Execution Challenges


Posted By Qvidian | Dec 17, 2013


We recently surveyed over two hundred sales leaders from around the world and came away with some very interesting data. Our annual Sales Execution Trends survey looks at key objectives for sales organizations, challenges and obstacles faced to meet those objectives, current conditions, and investment areas needed to improve sales execution.

The results were very interesting - with improving economic conditions, organizations are shifting from maintenance mode to growth mode. And two thirds of companies surveyed indicated that they expect to grow their sales team in 2014. With this anticipated growth in sales organizations, the burden of onboarding and ramping new sales staff as quickly as possible becomes paramount to sales leaders. On average, it takes 40% of organizations between 7-12 months to effectively onboard and get new sales representatives to productivity.

The majority of executive management respondents had a key focal area for sales: 87% indicated they needed to improve overall quota attainment. To compound this, 36% said they were only somewhat or not confident in their sales organization’s ability to achieve quota attainment.

Some of the reasons they shared for not achieving quota indicated by survey respondents were:

  • sales unable to effectively communicate value,
  • sales content not aligned with buyer’s stages, and
  • selling resources not tailored to specific selling situations.

Finding needed resources and creating personalized selling documents remains an ongoing challenge for sales teams. Over 39% say they have a challenge with locating and tailoring personalized selling documents and 16% say it is overly difficult.

The ability for most sales organizations to be agile and adapt to change also impacts overall sales execution. 47% report that their sales process is only somewhat or not at all adaptable to change in the buying process and over 57% state their sales organization is only somewhat or not at all agile.

Alignment of sales processes, as well as selling content and sales resources, specifically to buyer needs is critical to improving win rates. However, over 53% say their selling processes and content are only somewhat or not aligned to the buyer stages.

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Sales Execution Trends Survey 2014