Rugby World Cup - Transforming to a Team of Excellence


Posted By Rebecca Pearse | Oct 12, 2015


For many, the Rugby World Cup is a highlight in the sports calendar – I dig out my faithful ‘Welsh Rugby Union’ t-shirt and wear with pride.  I tend not to watch every fixture except when my own country is playing!

However, for the first time, I couldn’t help notice Japan’s sheer determination and transformation from a team with little recognition to a force to be reckoned with.

For the past few years, they’ve worked under the guidance of Eddie Jones – former Australian Head Coach who has nurtured and guided them since 2012.  And 18 months ago, they introduced the expertise of UK rugby legend Steve Borthwick to bolster up training for the team.  The trust they have instilled in the team (as well as fans!) has ignited a passion for the sport which saw 20 million Japanese people tuning in to watch their match against Scotland.  The team trained hard and learnt how to work together to achieve success.

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Rugby World Cup - Transforming to a Team of Excellence

It’s stories like these that I love to translate into business: what can happen when a team fully trusts and believes in a new initiative, process, or training method.  Enjoying what you do, believing in your leadership’s mission, and trusting the process is what can take a team to the next level of excellence.

Whilst my support and heart is always for the Welsh team, I’ll be cheering on Japan! 

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