RFP Heroes - Able to Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Feb 01, 2016


In my recent blog post, “Not Every Hero Wears a Cape” I defined RFP Heroes as the ones on the front lines, those creating the responses to RFPs (Requests for Proposals). They are the Proposal Writers who live under the tightest of deadlines and face the fiercest of pressures.

In truth, there are three types of RFP Heroes:

• Proposal Writers
• Proposal Managers
• Executive Champions

Each one plays a critical role in a company’s success regarding RFP responses and the significant impact RFP wins have on revenue. Today, I want to share the heroics of the Proposal Manager.

Proposal Managers, I believe, really do have the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Think about it. Their daily tasks involve making sure RFPs responses are created with high quality, accurate content, persuasive writing, are mistake-free, and completed on time. They may or may not be doing the writing, and their responsibilities are great. They need to be strategic in nature and tactical in application. Proposal Managers must recognize and understand the true needs of the company as a whole as it relates to RFPs. In addition, they must orchestrate many members of the company to be able to work together in harmony, including Subject Matter Experts, Marketing, Legal, Sales and others, ensuring each department can easily fulfill its role and still be able to devote the majority of their time to their primary tasks. Of course, it helps to have technology that can support all this activity, technology that will make it easier for every member of the team. Human nature being what it is, many people will resist embracing anything new, even the best of technical resources. It’s then up to the Proposal Manager to work through this and make it possible for their company to benefit from the technology their company has selected and inspire their comrades to want to use it – every time.

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There are lots of ways to approach these objectives and Julia Taylor, Proposal Manager for Rosetta Stone, is a shining example of how to succeed. First, a bit about Julia, and all RFP Heroes. She’s a kind person, someone who strives to be helpful. Her strategic vision focuses on understanding what makes people feel comfortable about trying a new solution. She recognizes the daily demands on her colleagues and has gone out of her way to create a smooth and efficient process for all. Julia is Rosetta Stone’s Qvidian expert and enables her colleagues to use the system efficiently and easily. She happily shares her knowledge and expertise with anyone who can benefit from it. Under Julia's direction, Rosetta Stone is using Qvidian for proactive proposal creation in six languages, content management, and RFP support. She has streamlined Rosetta Stone’s process, ensured those involved are embracing Qvidian’s technology, and has maximized the value of all content, instilling even more confidence in the Rosetta Stone brand.

When it comes to Proposal Managers, many tell me that leaping tall buildings in a single bound is child’s play. For RFP Heroes, it's simply all in a day's work.