Relaxed & Ready with Qvidian Proposal Automation


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Feb 25, 2015


What makes you sweat? For Laura Zaremba of Travel Leaders Corporate, it used to be completing RFPs (requests for proposals). 

Be relaxed and ready with Qvidian“Doing RFPs without Qvidian, I felt like I was alone, stranded on an island. I was overwhelmed and completely stressed. We would have to respond to hundreds of RFPs, many which were very detailed and had short turn-around times. I would have to go to our subject matter experts for detailed responses to questions, some very technical in nature. They would get frustrated saying, ‘Didn’t I already answer this question?’ and they had, but they were difficult to locate.”

“When we brought in Qvidian Proposal Automation, everything changed. I use it all the time because it saves so much time. I’ve been writing proposals since 1989, many of those years spent searching and sweating under pressure of tight deadlines and dealing with the frustration of colleagues. I’m not searching and sweating anymore because Qvidian is so reliable. I know it’s always there for me. I no longer feel pressured because when someone has a question, I know where to get the answer.”

Many companies now recognize the value of proposal automation, and hire someone to specifically manage it. Julia Taylor at Rosetta Stone is such an individual. She was hired to be the owner of the renowned learning company’s Qvidian system.“I was excited about this because I wanted to learn how to use the tool,” Julia told me. The process for Rosetta Stone prior to using Qvidian was much the same as it was for Travel Leaders Corporate - an arduous process continually going to subject experts for answers to the same questions over and over. Not anymore. Now, just like Laura, she has a library of answers. She doesn’t even go back to the subject experts.

According to Julia, Qvidian has made the RFP response process more efficient and improved the quality and consistency of responses. The same goes for proactive proposals. “Sales reps can now create professional quality proposals in a short amount of time,” she remarked. “They can now build proper templates for each industry, tailor them by product, pricing, executive summary, etc., and link it to an opportunity record in Salesforce.  Qvidian helps our team simplify the process and generate professional proposals. It’s half the time with consistent messaging and better output.”

As Customer Champion at Qvidian, it makes me extremely happy to see the success our customers are experiencing with Qvidian’s software solutions. I’m excited to see how much companies are evolving and recognizing the impact of RFP teams on sales, the value of proposal automation and the opportunity to truly grow through better sales execution. By providing their teams with the best, they are relieving incredible amounts of stress and giving their employees a real chance to grow in their careers.