With Qvidian, There is No Reason to Fail


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Nov 18, 2015


It’s been almost a year since I joined Qvidian as the Customer Champion. In that time, I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of meeting with many of our customers. I’ve also seen from the inside out the efforts and great lengths Qvidian goes to in order to support our customers however we can. Are we perfect? No one’s perfect, but our commitment to our customers is heartfelt and sincere.

What I believe sets Qvidian apart from other Proposal software providers is how we strive to provide complete support to our customers. I’ve heard it from customers frequently…customers like ACI Worldwide, comments like “With all the support Qvidian offers, there’s really no reason to fail.” Qvidian offers tremendous support and opportunity to learn and excel at each stage of development. Those customers who have taken advantage of our formal learning opportunities will testify to those as true contributors to their success. Our structured opportunities include:

1. Technical Support
2. Tuesday/Thursday calls
3. Qvidian University
4. Customer Community
5. Connect Conference

Whether on-line, on the phone or in person, there are ample ways to learn and we encourage all our customers to take advantage of some, if not all, opportunities. Through these many avenues, customers can learn directly from Qvidian experts and they can also learn from each other. Often, learning from fellow customers is the way to go. A fellow customer understands your challenges like no one else. They are the ones walking in your shoes.

Don’t shy away from asking.
Qvidian makes it easy to connect with each other through our online
Customer Community and our annual Connect Conference.


Our experts should not be overlooked, however. Both our technical experts and customer experts are on-hand to teach, answer questions, and brainstorm innovative techniques at Qvidian’s Customer Conference. Think it’s too early in your relationship with Qvidian to make it worthwhile to attend? Think again. Customers like Ellucian told me they attended in their second year only to see how much they could have benefited by attending right away. Qvidian’s Connect Conference provides a full day of hands-on training with laptops available for each and every person. We want you to succeed. You see, our success begins and ends with yours. That’s who we are at Qvidian. We are your partners in your success.

To me, what truly sets Qvidian apart is the relationships we have with our customers. We’re not just here to sell you something. We’re here to see you win and celebrate your success. In turn, we succeed with your involvement such as providing critical feedback our beta tests, supporting fellow customers and allowing us to feature you in a case study to help others learn how they can benefit with Qvidian. One of my colleagues recently put it this way: Qvidian is a family – a family of colleagues and customers, all looking out for one another.