Qvidian’s Solutions Speak for Themselves – First in a series of posts


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | May 31, 2016


In my conversations with new customers, I often ask, “How did you find us? What influenced you to select Qvidian as your solution?” Nine out of ten times I hear, “A friend told me about Qvidian” or “One of my colleagues used Qvidian at a previous company.” I love hearing things like that because it demonstrates the value Qvidian is providing. People don’t go out of their way to give personal recommendations unless they are truly happy.

At Qvidian, we’re honored that our customers love us enough to recommend us, and many go even farther than that. Each year, I send out invitations to our customers to participate in video testimonials. Appearing in a video isn’t something many people run towards. In fact, for some of these volunteers, it’s their very first time being featured in a video. It takes a lot of courage, but they sign up and do it because Qvidian means that much to them.

As I’m talking with these customers to learn about their individual stories, I’m impressed with the many and varied ways Qvidian helps them. The high level of success experienced by our customers pretty much speaks for itself.

Take a look at how Qvidian is impacting these customers:

  1.      Ability to customize content, roles, branding, and more
  2.      Success company wide by fully utilizing all Qvidian offers
  3.      Opportunity to truly personalize the message and build relationships via RFPs
  4.      Visibility into the sales process and the ability to see why you won or lost
  5.      The chance to truly collaborate with colleagues where each party feels ownership
  6.      The realization that you really can optimize your processes so they are working for you
  7.      The ability to relax with a process that is now smooth and fluid
  8.      True security around your data and the ability to close deals because of that
  9.      The paradigm shift from stressed and burnt out to working happy!

In the next few months, I will be sharing a blog post on each of these stories, highlighting what makes Qvidian so meaningful to these customers and the tremendous success they are enjoying. These stories always inspire us, and we’re hoping you will be inspired, too. Inspired to see how far you can take Qvidian in your company, the great many ways it can benefit your team, and how Qvidian can help you move your company’s mission forward.

After all, our purpose has always been to help you achieve yours.

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