Proposal Burnout


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Apr 25, 2016


There probably isn’t an adult alive that hasn’t experienced job burnout at some point in their career. With all the talk of people working harder for less for years now, it’s easy to see how burnout could become an issue for many companies. But it’s not just the economy that creates pressure leading to burnout. Often, it’s the workload associated with a particular job. This is good news! “Really?” you ask. Yes, it’s good news if you are talking about the proposal field because there’s a solution!

Proposal Software and RFPs

Ask any professional responsible for responding to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or trying to customize proposals for sales. As we all know, RFPs come with hundreds to thousands of questions, and incredibly unrealistic deadlines. Faced with 250 questions to answer by Friday, the pressure’s already excruciating and you haven’t even begun.

The way everyone seems to start is by writing some RFPs and proposals, saving them in folders, either shared or on their desktop, and going back to those over and over again to copy and paste information into a new RFP or sales proposal. This is risky behavior because proposal professionals work at top speeds to meet deadlines. It’s only a matter of time before you forget to change a customer name, a simple mistake with high costs. When that happens, you quickly realize you’ve shot yourself in the foot. Now, what do you do? You feel the pressure mounting and we’re only talking about static details.

Think about your content, the meat of your proposals. How current is it? If you are going back to documents over and over again, are you sure the information is still accurate? When’s the last time it was approved by other departments involved? You’re not sure and you’re pressed for time, but you reach out to Subject Matter Experts to double-check. They bark, “I’ve already answered this question multiple times.” Pressure mounts. How comfortable will you feel reaching back out to that SME with more questions. Will you or will you just use the old content and hope it’s still good? Risky, isn’t it, but what’s your choice?

Luckily, there is another choice. Qvidian takes the pressure, fear, and uncertainty away from proposal managers and their colleagues. Qvidian was created precisely for the challenges faced by those in the proposal field and sales as well.

Qvidian offers:

  • A central repository for content
  • Ability to tag content with expiration dates 
  • Simple and effective search capabilities
  • Automatic build function
  • Security controls
  • And much more


With Qvidian, companies streamline their processes. Content is housed in one place. It can be reviewed once by anyone with a vested interest saving tremendous amounts of time for everyone involved.

Workloads on proposal managers and writers are lessened to reasonable expectations. These hardworking individuals no longer have to give up their nights and weekends to meet proposal deadlines. Sales reps can create their own customized proposals in mere minutes and spend their time focused on servicing their customers and prospects. Subject Matter Experts become much happier people greeting their proposal colleagues with smiles instead of growls. Pressure falls away for all involved.

All of a sudden, time becomes available. Teams become proactive and strategic; meaning quality is improved, proposals are customized and personalized, and win rates rise. Burnout is replaced with happiness, freedom and the ability to breathe. There, doesn’t that feel better?

See? I told you there was good news!