Proposal Automation – Where Do You Start?


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | May 23, 2016


 Demo SoftwareYou’re heading up a proposal team. You’ve been tasked with finding a way to increase efficiencies and success for your team. The manual method you’ve been using is holding you back and everyone knows it. It’s time to move on from the whole Word docs in folders on desktops routine. You need something effective, easy to implement and scalable, and you need it now.

Where do you start? You know the outcomes you desire, but how do you get there? Just because you write proposals doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about the proposal software on the market today.

You’ve heard it’s possible to achieve:

  •       Increased efficiencies in your proposal process
  •       Content that is always accurate and up-to-date
  •       An automatic build feature to pump out RFPs in the blink of an eye
  •       Prepared proactive proposals that your sales team can customize with the push of a few buttons
  •       The ability to motivate subject matter experts to want to get back to you ASAP with their reviews and approvals of new content. Really?
  •       And, enough free time to be able to focus on the quality of your message. You’re kidding.

It’s true. With Qvidian, you’ve got an ace up your sleeve. You see, Qvidian partners with its customers. We don’t leave you out in the cold wondering what the heck you just bought and how you are ever going to implement it.

We’re with you every step of the way through implementation, and we’re there well beyond. At Qvidian, we have an official Consulting Services Team that takes care of all your training and education needs, but everyone at Qvidian believes it’s their responsibility to help our customers succeed.

Interested in learning more?

 Download our new guide, The Art and Science of Developing and Managing Proposal Content, to see how the synergy between art and science can help produce your most effective content.


Our VP of Consulting Services, Jeff Weil, says it best in this one-minute video when he talks about why it’s so important to have a partner like Qvidian, “Sometimes, knowing what the goal is, is the easy part. Figuring out what that right first step is, is the hard part. Our team can help the customers demystify the steps to get from current state to that desired future state.”

It’s that old, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” How could you? Truly? How could you be expected to know all that can go into proposal automation and what steps to take when? That would be crazy. That’s why you need a trusted partner, and Qvidian is here for you. In fact, Qvidian’s Consulting Services cover a lot of territory and opportunities to engage with us. Just take a look at this list:

  1.      On-site consulting
  2.      Online education courses
  3.      Open Question & Answer hours each Tuesday and Thursday
  4.      Hands-on training at Qvidian’s annual customer conference
  5.      An online Customer Community where our customers share questions, tips and strategies with each other

We are thrilled about all the ways we can help you learn, not only to use our software, but how to improve the quality of your actual written response as well. You can’t find that kind of learning in any software package. We help you learn how to propel your RFP responses to the top of everyone’s list as you set the bar for quality and engagement.

The greatest reward for everyone here at Qvidian, is when we see our customers succeed, as Michael Heffelfinger, our Director of Education, says, “Once customers engage with Qvidian Consulting Services, their knowledge and ownership skyrocket. You can see how much this means to them – all you have to do is look in their eyes. The excitement and pride there thrills me to no end.” 

At Qvidian, “Our success is measured by the success of our customers.” There could not be a statement more heartfelt and true than this.