The Power of Partnership


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | May 02, 2016


There aren’t a lot of businesses that I know of, where you get the feeling that the supplier is actually a “partner” to the customer and vice-versa. I’m excited to tell you that it IS true here at Qvidian. As Customer Champion, it’s my privilege to talk at length with our customers, to lead activities in our advocacy group, and to interact with our customers at our annual customer conference, Connect.

We recently returned from a fantastic time at Connect 2016 that we held in Nashville, TN. It was our largest conference to date with close to 400 attendees. Our advocacy group, Club Q, was in full swing enjoying the VIP treatment they so deserve, and taking part in fun and engaging challenges that had them competing for not only bragging rights, but a complimentary pass to Connect 2017. The customers who choose to join Club Q are those that tell me the main reason they selected to do business with Qvidian was because they see us as their partner, someone who cares as much about their success as they do. And they are correct! We care deeply, but what is so rewarding to us at Qvidian is how much our customers care about us, too.

Our customers support us in many ways from being speakers at our conferences and field events, to conquering their stage fright in order to shoot a video testimonial, to going out of their way to clear their schedules to take reference calls. They don’t do these things just because they love us. They make these efforts because they believe in the product, and they believe in the many ways we involve them in our efforts to continue to improve and evolve our products and processes.

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What blew me away most recently was the level of engagement and involvement by our customers at Connect 2016. We had many more customers join Club Q at the conference, and what impressed me even more was this: one of our longtime customers was so taken with the level of interaction and engagement between us and customers and between customers themselves that they reached out to me to keep it going. All 14 of them are joining Club Q and making a point to take a more active role in what we are doing. We are glad to have them!

The feelings of generosity, curiosity, engagement and growth were overflowing at Connect 2016. It’s something we know will continue because we know we are invested, not just in our product, but in our customers. And, we know, without a shadow of a doubt, they are invested in us. Doesn’t get any better than that!