Plan your work – work your plan


Posted By Rebecca Pearse | Jul 23, 2015


I love this time of year in business during the summer holidays (vacation) as its generally quieter and it gives me the opportunity to sort out my work – read the reports I should have read (!) and prepare myself for the ever so familiar last quarter panic by sales and RFPs teams for information about our solutions to include in their budget for the following year.

The funny thing is though, I get the last minute calls every year. Wouldn’t you think people would look at the previous year and think phew, we need to sort out our collateral base / sales docs / we need to be more organised in the back office?!

Our CEO used the following statement in his opening discussion during our mid year sales meeting this year. He told us to ‘Plan your work – Work your plan’…. He reminded us of the fact we are now on the home run to the end of the year and this was the time to concentrate on tying all the loose ends together to ensure a clean slate for the following year.

Are you planning to take some time to look at how you organise your space in work and how organised you will be for the last minute RFP or sales presentations you know you will receive at some point?

What plan do you have in place to ensure those sales deals can be guided to a completion date sooner rather than later?

Should you be planning for a better solution going forward that will allow you and the team to access the right information at the right time?

So let’s go back to my CEO’s saying, ‘plan your work – work your plan’ it makes sense doesn’t it?

Take a look at the following report to give you some ideas, it might spur you on to take action and think about planning your work and working your plan...