Personally Speaking, Qvidian Brings Us Closer


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Jun 22, 2016


Part of the Series: Qvidian’s Solutions Speak for Themselves

In these days of living in the Cloud, and online access to nearly everything, we may have easier access to more, but we also have less face-to-face communication. In many ways, technology separates us more than it brings us together. With that said, would you

ever imagine someone saying that proposal automation software can actually bring people closer together? Yet, that’s exactly what Theresa Webster tells us in this video about EKS&H’s experience with Qvidian.

In Theresa’s video, she talks about EKS&H, Tax, Audit and Consulting Services and how many customers see services like theirs as a commodity and choose who to work with based solely on price. Theresa and her colleagues know there’s much more that they offer and they have chosen to communicate that through their messaging. They turned to Qvidian for a number of reasons. One of the greatest benefits Qvidian has provided them is the ability to personalize their message for each prospect and customer. Just take a look at their website and you will see how important personalization is to them.

Qvidian has also provided EKS&H with the ability to easily manage their content, develop and create consistent messaging, and decrease or eliminate human error. Qvidian frees them up to focus on personalizing the language they use to help them build relationships with their customers. Ms. Webster told me, “Many times, the only communication we have with a prospect is through the RFP (Request for Proposal) response. It needs to read as it would sound if we were speaking with them face-to-face. It’s our chance to begin to build a relationship with them.” 

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In addition to bringing EKS&H closer to its clients, Qvidian also brings colleagues closer together. I have had numerous conversations with customers about their experiences of trying to engage Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to get accurate technical responses to RFP questions. Many times, the SMEs are overwhelmed with their own work and either respond angrily or not at all to the proposal writer’s request. This makes for uncomfortable feelings for everyone involved. That can lead to a natural tendency to shy away from asking for involvement of SMEs and choosing to rely on old, possibly inaccurate, data from previous RFP responses. A choice that doesn’t benefit anyone. 

In Qvidian’s Spring 2016 release, we introduced new visibility and supported collaboration tools. Now, in addition to having the ability to assign portions of the RFPs to colleagues, they can also easily see how those assignments are progressing. And, regarding SMEs, because Qvidian has always provided a central repository, once a SME has provided an answer to a question, it can easily be stored, searched and retrieved for new RFPs. This lessens their workload and enables them to feel valued and also respected for their time. It gives the proposal writers room to breathe and lets them feel more accomplished and respected as well.

All in all, with the features and flexibility of Qvidian, one can easily see how Qvidian truly does provide technology that actually brings us together. Personally speaking, those are benefits everyone can enjoy.