Our Top 5 Blog Posts from 2014


Posted By Qvidian | Jan 07, 2015


2014 was a year full of exciting happenings in the world of sales execution. Here at Qvidian, our thinking caps were glued on tight as we worked on creating timely blogs to keep you in the know. And just in case you missed any of our thought-provoking content, here’s a list of some top performers – enjoy!


Top 5 Power Words to Use in Selling Documents

What’s in a word? Aside from the visual, communication is pretty much our only means of expression, and without words (written, spoken…what have you), our unique personas would certainly pack a lot less originality. And frankly, it’s fruitless to denounce words – they hold too much power.

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The Four Phases of Best Practice Sales Operations Organizations by Matt Greenstein

Sales Operations, Commercial Excellence, Sales Enablement…whatever the group is called in your organization, the charter remains consistent: Make the sales organization more productive.

However, Sales Operations must evolve with the business or risk being marginalized. Sales Operations evolves with the size, complexity and maturity of the business.

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Stop Selling Me, I Want to Buy

We had a second meeting with a potential vendor recently as we’ve been seeking to implement a series of strategic sales initiatives. In a recent email to the vendor, we pointed out that we had already made our decision and were ready to move forward.

What ensued next was dumbfounded.

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The Perfect Pitch: Making Your Point Clearly and Persuasively with Dr. Tom Sant

In this recent webinar, Dr. Tom Sant reveals key strategies for how we can change our predictably flawed sales pitch pattern (our history, our capabilities, our vision, our values, our people, me, me, me) so that presentations delivered engage the customer and establish immediate relevance.

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Using Words with Purpose: Purposeful Language for Powerful Proposals

What’s in a word…a phrase…a sentence…a paragraph? Frankly, quite a lot. Language is more than spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and grammatical phrasing. Language is about tone, feeling, understanding; effectively communicating ideas and thoughts with other human beings.

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