Our Success is Measured by the Success of Our Customers


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Jan 14, 2016


At Qvidian, we serve customers across more than 30 industries. What means the most to us is enabling our customers to make their value known through their sales proposals, content automation, and RFPs. At Qvidian, we know there’s much more to delivering your core message than just answering questions. How you communicate your value and how easily you can do so is what gives you the edge. 

Qvidian takes pride in teaching our customers the power of a persuasive document and in delivering more of those documents through automation. In addition, we bring 24/7 sales coaching and the ability to build and automate unique documents and marketing materials. This enables us to serve the needs of our customers’ entire sales teams.

Wipfli CPAs and Consultants stated: “After working with Qvidian, we know that embracing new technology is not only important to our growth, it's imperative.”

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TestAmerica commented, “With Qvidian, even though our team is spread out over 60 locations across the US, we are now speaking with one voice. We are creating high quality proposals and providing data we know is rock solid.”

Aramark remarked, “Qvidian enables us to make better first drafts, getting them 90% of the way done for our sales team saving them time and letting them do what they do best - sell.”

We welcome new customers who have recently joined the Qvidian family including:

AGF Investments
Amalgamated Bank
• Allied Reliability Group
• Best Best & Krieger LLP
Compass Group Investment Advisors
Costco Wholesale
• JJ Keller & Associates, Inc.
McGraw Hill Education
Rally Health
• Social Solutions
• Stryker Canada
Vision Travel

For our customers, making their value known can be the difference between a municipality having the most effective 911 software for their communities, between hospitals being able to continue their essential research and critical care for their patients, and testing laboratories keeping us all safe by testing water, soil and air. What our customers do contributes greatly to the quality of the world we all inhabit. That’s why it’s so important to us that our customers succeed. They recognize this, citing Qvidian’s customer service, tech support and continued training opportunities as just some of the evidence of how much Qvidian cares. Above all, they know that at Qvidian, we measure our success by the success of our customers. Nothing less will do.


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