New Research: Sales Playbooks—Not Just for Sales, Marketing Reaps Benefits


Posted By Qvidian | Oct 25, 2012


The Aberdeen Group, a leading enterprise technology consulting firm, recently released a new research brief, Sales Playbooks: How the Best-in-Class Connect Marketing and Sales through the Entire Selling Lifecycle.

One of the main findings was that companies who use Sales Playbooks outperform companies who don't in many key areas, including those outlined in the following chart:

Aberdeen Research on Sales Playbooks

And the report also found that Sales Playbooks help to align sales and marketing activity. We knew this was happening from anecdotal evidence from our clients but we hadn’t seen any independent validation until now.

According to the report, Best-in-Class companies ensure that their sales organizations have complete access to all marketing-produced collateral. It stated that “the utilization of sales playbooks enables marketing to support the goals of the sales team by ensuring that they have the right messaging, collateral, and tools in hand to support their new customer acquisition, up-selling, or cross-selling initiatives.”

In addition, the report states, "The use of sales playbooks can provide specific data regarding the extent to which marketing materials are used by the sales team, as well as correlating the use of individual assets with actual account wins or losses."

We’ve certainly seen an improvement in the effectiveness of our sales and marketing teams as a result of using Sales Playbooks internally at Qvidian!

We think the report is well worth reading as it provides sales and marketing executives with fresh insight into what Best-In-Class companies are doing to improve sales performance and connect marketing and sales throughout the entire selling process.

I’m interested in your thoughts on the new Aberdeen research brief, and if they’re consistent with the use of Sales Playbooks at your company. Let us know in the comments.

Good selling (and marketing)!

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