Is Nashville Known For A Signature Food? Ask Andrew.


Posted By Ask Andrew | Dec 29, 2015


In this series of "Ask Andrew" we'll share what signature dishes you should enjoy while in Nashville for Connect 2016. Make sure you have Nashville, Connect 2016, and Hot Chicken on your list of resolutions for 2016.

Is Nashville Known For A Signature Food? Ask Andrew. 

Because Nashville is a southern city, visitors expect to find classic country restaurants, like Puckett's Grocery or enjoy hickory smoked eats at the likes of Martin's BBQ Joint. The city's dining scene offers everything from Arnold's Country Cooking, a casual meat and three style restaurant to the globally inspired and chef-driven creations at Etch. Whether you are looking for the local burger joint, a vegetarian cafe, ethnic eateries, or the quintessential steakhouse, Nashville has a place for you. There is however, one unique food that stands supreme and is indigenous to Music City: none other than Nashville Hot Chicken.

The story of hot chicken's origin has become part of Nashville mythology. In the 1930's, the tall and handsome Thornton Prince was known to have plenty of women. After a long night out, one of Thornton's lady friends sought to get even with him for his womanizing ways. She would prepare his favorite dish for breakfast; fried chicken. However, this time she would cook it with the spiciest seasonings she could find in her kitchen. After Prince took a bite, she realized that her plan had failed... he loved it. Who could have guessed, decades later the James Beard Foundation would present Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack with an American Classic Award for its creation.

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Is Nashville Known For A Signature Food? Ask Andrew.

So the real question is... where do I go when I'm in the mood for this signature treat? Well, my personal favorite is Hattie B's Hot Chicken. You will find several levels of heat; Southern, Mild, Hot, Damn Hot and Shut The Cluck Up. The flavor extends deep into the meat which is juicy and has a subtle and sweet undertone. Don't mistake this as the spicy chicken you would find at some national restaurant brands. I'm talking real heat: Wipe the sweat from your forehead, don't touch your eyes, heat. But, oh it's so good. I'm a huge fan of the chicken tenders, level of heat; hot. It's not on the menu, but I also like my fries covered with the same hot finishing oil and seasonings. I refer to them as the Renaissance Fries.

TIP: Avoid the long line by calling in your order for pick up or visit Hattie B's after the lunch rush.

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