The Mobile Workforce & Why You Should Care [INFOGRAPHIC]


Posted By Karen Meyer | Nov 08, 2013


The rise in popularity of the “Anytime, Anywhere” worker was profiled earlier this year in a Forrester study (2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends) and it's growing at a rapid pace.

Forrester - Anytime, Anywhere

It is less common today for business professionals to sit behind a desk in an office; more and more employees are working remotely - on the road, from their home office, or in different office locations. Bottom line: this phenomenon is the future office environment.

Organizations are adjusting their infrastructure to support availability and productivity, regardless of where the employee is located.; And this holds true for the sales force as well.

If you’re a Sales Leader and haven’t already put plans in place for your mobile workforce, consider these thoughts:

  • Today’s productivity demands are 24/7. Mobile enablement for your sales force will keep your team productive regardless of location.
  • Its critical to be armed with the right information at the right time in order to move conversations forward with buyers. These value-based conversations are happening constantly and the sales team need to be equipped with the right tools.
  • Tablets are now a platform for communications and presentations (and not just for playing Candy Crush!)  Gone are the days of travelling with ten pound projectors and packets of hand-outs.
  • You may have even invested in tablets and aren’t making use of them.

When was the last time you armed your reps with something they liked instead of enforcing a new policy? Check out our new infographic below that highlights the rise of the mobile workforce and what it means for businesses.

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