Messages that Matter: Question 6—Which Solution is the Best Fit?


Posted By Dr. Tom Sant | Jan 23, 2013


7 Key Questions to Answer When Writing a "Killer" Sales Proposal

We have been reviewing the seven key questions that you must be able to answer to write a winning proposal:

  1. What is the client’s problem or need?
  2. Why is this problem worth solving?
  3. What results does the customer seek?
  4. Which specific result is the most important?
  5. What products or services can we offer that will solve the problem and deliver the right results?
  6. Of the solutions I can offer, which one is the best fit for this client?
  7. Why are we the right choice?

Question 6 is an important one because asking it helps us avoid self-serving behavior, the kind of behavior that destroys trust and makes the decision maker wary:

Which solution is the best fit?

As you examine the potential solution you can offer, try to look at them objectively. How effectively will each solution solve the customer's problems or address their needs? Make an educated guess, perhaps based on prior experience with other customers, about the probable results of each possible course of action. Which solutions will lead to the client’s most important goal? Which will provide competitive advantage? Are cost and timing important issues to the client? Then ask yourself, what about the respective cost of each potential course of action? How long will each solution take to implement? Will they require the client to commit employees to the task?

Choose the best option from the client’s point of view, and use that as the basis of your proposal. Even though it can be tough sometimes, try to resist the temptation of recommending the solution that offers you the highest profit margin or the biggest commission check. Manage your proposals and your business for the long term. By emphasizing the fit of your solution to both the client's needs and goals, you minimize their sense of risk in doing business with you.

It's important to do this analysis, but it's equally important to make it clear in the proposal that you've done it. Make sure to link key components of your solution to the client's needs and/or the outcomes they desire. Unless we spell it out, the client may not recognize that what we're offering is the best possible combination of functionality, creativity, value, price, and low risk.

Qvidian offers a wide range of solutions to meet your needs and deliver the results you seek. Before we make recommendations, we'll take a careful look at the range of options and recommend what's best for you. Give us a call and let's get started!

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