March Madness Bracket: The Sales Showdown


Posted By Qvidian | Mar 18, 2015


Ah, March. As the snow slowly begins to melt, we’re nearing the start of something exciting – March Madness! The annual National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball tournaments captivate millions, and with eyes and ears glued to the game, the countdown to who is the best of 68 college teams.

But there’s another phenomenon at hand contributing to the growing March Madness frenzy – the tournament bracket. It boils down to this: Participants predict the outcomes of each game via a grid that outlines one possible path to victory, and whoever comes closest to the prefect bracket wins. (Easier said than done – no one has ever guessed correctly!)

So let’s apply this to the “game of sales”:

At its core, sales is a competitive sport – you can win or you can lose depending on your motivation, agility, speed, talent, strategy, opponents’ strength, and overall performance. And just like with basketball, you can be in the lead one minute, closing in on the win, and then a few quick plays can drastically change the outcome. And while you can’t always prevent the unforeseen – after all, nearly 60% of B2B purchasing decisions are complete before customers interact with a salesperson – you can coach your team to victory with proven selling strategies and ejecting those repeat offenders (interference!) that don’t cut it.

Check out Qvidian’s take on the March Madness bracket (below) – it’s our prediction of which sales tactic will rise to the top in the tournament of sales. If you’re looking to pool in with us, we can guarantee you’ll make that slam dunk win. How can we be so sure? Here’s a hint: We’re clued in to the abilities of a star player going by the nickname of Personalization. Good luck!

Qvidian Sales Showdown March Madness 2015
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