Level up your game with Salesforce AppExchange partners


Posted By Qvidian | May 20, 2015


CRM is core to virtually all selling efforts today. With Salesforce.com as the leader, sales teams have a unified base for conquering the noise – rescuing reps from the escalating chaos of the environment. The breadth of capabilities Salesforce delivers is extensive, and with time of the essence, it’s not always easy to take advantage of everything (or more importantly, what’s of especial importance to your individual reps).

Qvidian’s Guided Selling Platform and Personalized Content Engine solutions integrate with Salesforce to help guide sales teams in the direction to a win. Armed with the right content, at the right time, selling strategies are smarter – granting access to better all-around data, and all from within Salesforce. Leveraging the data you already have in Salesforce permits an overall simplified way to create, store and collaborate on selling documents – all vital factors for truly excelling with your Salesforce initiatives.

The integration also enables reps to personalize selling approaches through streamlined document creation – an essential benefit in our buyer-driven landscape. Salesforce makes it possible for sales reps to record a vast amount of detailed information, but if you’re not customizing your selling approach to each and every unique prospect, your selling efforts are likely falling short. Qvidian’s integration with Salesforce assures your teams are leveraging the data they worked hard to gather effectively.

At the same time, integration with CRM is pretty much a rule of thumb, so Qvidian’s upped the ante...

Working with the Salesforce AppExchange, Qvidian provides our customers with a reliable way to evaluate critical solutions to complement CRM. The ability to browse reviews and ratings delivers more context to the offering – allowing customers to do even more with their existing Salesforce.com investment. At the same time, the AppExchange provides opportunities for customers to explore beyond just viewing directory listings through other more exciting ways.

Qvidian is currently part of the App Mavericks program where SFDC “Champions” conduct video interviews with SFDC partners. It’s the job of the Champions to help customers and prospects understand exactly what Salesforce partners are offering and the true benefits of their products and services. This provides critical insight and saves time and effort for everyone.

Check out the Salesforce App Mavericks and Qvidian video: