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Posted By Qvidian | Oct 20, 2015


It’s safe to say that when it comes to real estate, we’re living in a sellers’ market. But for sales reps working deals in a selling ecosphere, the story is quite the opposite. Buyers today are increasingly informed, all the more confident in their decision making abilities, and presented with more options than they could ever ask for in the past. On the sales side of the house, this particular buyers’ world presents both some weighty challenges and solid opportunities for sales teams.

The good: Reps that are able to truly customize their selling approach to the real needs of their buyers are guaranteed to shine with a colorful (valuable) pitch in a sea of gray (monotonous) chatter.

The bad: Reps that are incapable of delivering worthwhile information to their buyers risk losing their deals – affecting company bottom-line.

The ugly: According to our first annual Content Automation Trends report, 75% of survey respondents say their frequency of reviewing and updating sales content is only somewhat, not very or not at all sufficient.

So with the existence of the good, there’s hope. Streamlining your content workflow is one of the most effective solutions for reducing the complexity involved with securing a win – as defined by finding the right content faster, ensuring consistency in format and brand, personalizing messaging, managing contributors, doing more with limited resources, the list can go on. By automating your content processes, your selling organization is better prepared to improve both top (sales wins more deals) and bottom (eliminate waste) lines of the business.

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The noise generated from all sides – sales leaders, sales operations and enablement, marketing, and content and proposal managers – is lessened when those involved in any aspect of the content process are working along the same path. This allows for more collaboration and improved capacity for working smarter, which means personalizing content quickly and easily to every unique buyer in a particular selling situation. More importantly, automating your content enhances productivity, a must in today’s rapidly changing world. Increased win rates are possible when, and only when, your sales teams stop selling for the sake of selling, and start selling to create real added value for each distinctive buyer.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, doing so now can only do your sales teams good. We've put together an interactive infographic on the findings from our 2015 Content Automation Trends report.

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