Lessons Learned from Our Dads – Happy Father’s Day!


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Jun 16, 2016


As Father's Day approaches here in the US and the UK, I can't help but think about the lessons I learned from my dad. I grew up in the days when success was defined by one’s ability to secure a job and keep it for their entire career. My dad was one of those people. He was a Field Engineer with IBM, the company defined by their motto “THINK!”

Growing up, IBM was woven into the fabric of our lives. The company provided our family with a good living, and their work ethic reflected my dad’s and became the one my siblings and I embraced as well. THINK! We had this idea reinforced and on display in various and interesting forms throughout our home on plaques IBM gave to every employee.  

My dad’s dedication to his job was paramount. There were many evenings and weekends when our family plans had to proceed without him. With IBM, customers always came first. It was not unusual for my dad to get a call in the middle of the night to alert him to an urgent customer need. He would be up, dressed and out the door in no time. My dad loved the challenges presented by his job with IBM, loved the customers and the creativity and flexibility it took to meet their needs. He took great pride in his 36 years with IBM and great pride in the company itself.

While times have changed, there are many of us who, like my dad, take great pride in our work and our commitment to do our best every time out. Sometimes, that means we need a particular software or piece of equipment to work faster and more efficiently. Qvidian is a provider of software that provides speed, efficiency and more for those focused on proposal management and sales execution. This software provides the extra set of hands so many need when it comes to getting proposals out the door or the 24/7 coaching so valuable to new sales reps.

I’m proud to be part of Qvidian, the leading provider of such software, not only for the benefits the software provides to our customers, but because I’m part of a company that truly cares. Qvidian is made up of people who, like many of our dads, are committed to doing our best each and every time out because we believe in the product and truly care about our customers. There are many things that go on behind the scenes here at Qvidian that customers don’t see. When a customer has a question or concern, it’s not unusual to have more than one person following up, getting answers, asking questions, and making suggestions for future product enhancements. When our President, Lewie Miller says we have a culture of listening here at Qvidian, he’s right on the money!

One of our customers recently conducted an ROI (return on investment) analysis and calculated that his team was answering up to 25,000 detailed questions in writing each month. He knew, firsthand, how Qvidian’s proposal automation along with security and analytics for their content was responsible for massively increasing speed and efficiency. He saw the work handled by Qvidian as the equivalent to four full-time employees enabling his team to be ridiculously fast and efficient. 

It’s clear to me that my dad has had, and continues to have, a profound impact on me in many ways. I’m proud to have such a wonderful role model to follow both professionally and personally. Thanks, Dad and Happy Father’s Day!