Lessons Learned from the Grand National: Win by Staying on the Right (Sales) Track


Posted By Rebecca Pearse | Apr 13, 2015


This weekend saw one of the greatest equine races in the UK: the Grand National. It’s been estimated that nearly 600 million people watch the Grand National around the world; its one of the most valuable jump races in Europe.

The course is run at Aintree Racecourse (Liverpool) by 40 horses and jockeys. Known as the ultimate test of horse and rider, it is uniquely challenging with much larger fences over the 4 mile (3.5 furlong) race.

I have often admired the determination of the teams who train both horse and rider in preparation for this prestigious event. The financial prize of £1 million plus the pride associated with being a Grand National winner is highly sought after.

Many of the jockeys are trained from other jockeys who have passed down their guidance and expertise.  It's typical to see teams of ‘support’ workers who all share one common goal: to achieve first place for the horse and jockey.  I found it interesting that the winning jockey also took top prize last year, although with a different horse.

It was easy to watch this great race and think about business and my team – I am sure every member of your team has valuable information they use to progress a sale or spark the interest of a prospective company.

  • How do you record the good stuff so others can learn from their expertise and knowledge?
  • Are you able to record it somewhere so others can learn from it?
  • How can you continue to stay on track when things (like your horse!) change?
  • Are you all working towards a common goal (i.e. thriving pipeline, new accounts) and ultimately striving to cross the finish line so your company can celebrate?

Consider building a process into your team so they can be guided by the wisdom of others.  For example, show new staff how you want them to work by implementing a ‘ramp up’ programme to work through. They’ll be able to be more efficient, faster, if they have a process to follow.