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Posted By Karen Meyer | May 22, 2014


This week, the Qvidian team deployed the Spring 2014 Release of Qvidian Proposal Automation. This was a major milestone in our product roadmap vision - this release was entirely focused on the user.  With a brand new interface, this release drives collaboration within sales and proposal teams, as well as streamlines workflows for creating personalized sales documents faster than ever.

Qvidian Proposal Automation Spring 2014

I’m particularly proud of this release, as it is completely focused on the user experience and helping sales people deliver to the demands of their buyers even faster. If you’ve been following our vision for product, we’ve been listening acutely to what our users and sales people at large have been saying about the pains of creating proposals and personalized sales content to close more deals, more quickly. And the improvements we’ve made are specifically to remedy this. 
Here are a few new key features and enhancements for the Spring 2014 release -

Benefits to Sales Teams:
  • Access to corporate knowledge base anytime, anywhere, and never be at a loss for answers in front of a client.
  • Leverage the most up-to-date and compelling content your organization has teamed up to put together.
  • Assemble, create and deliver personalized presentations on the go faster, right from an iPad.
  • Create proposals before you leave a meeting and email direct to prospect for rapid response.
Benefits to Proposal Teams:
  • Maintain content integrity for sales teams on the road.
  • Never have sales teams "just throw a proposal together" because they are on the road.
  • Deliver finished proposals to sales teams anytime, anywhere. No more need to flood the inbox.
Benefits for RFP Teams:
  • Collaborate with SMEs wherever they are - on the road or across the globe.
  • Make RFP responses more manageable by leveraging email to access content owners anytime, anywhere.
  • Maintain integrity of content in the knowledge base by using workflows that email content owners when content is expired for updating.
We’ve also made the lives of content managers, subject matter experts and others in sales enablement roles easier by reducing the time for proposal writers and quota carrying sales reps to do what they need to close business. These capabilities have been fine-tuned based on years of experience in working with users in these roles.
For more info, check out the latest press release. And as always, share your comments below! What features are you most excited about?