Kroll Ontrack with Qvidian Proposal Automation


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Feb 19, 2015


Kroll Ontrack knows nothing is more critical than effectively managing information in an effort to safeguard and improve business continuity, brand reputation and profitability. Since 1985, they have been dedicated to protecting data, while managing it for legal and regulatory demands. In their effort to continue to provide cutting edge services, they have selected Qvidian for their proposal automation needs.

“The product and security industries are in a constant state of change. We needed a way to know our information would always and easily be kept up-to-date. Qvidian offers many features to make this possible,” commented Linda Baynes, Discovery Consultant for Kroll Ontrack.  Kroll found version control was an issue, the fact that they could not work on updating a single document and keeping it in the same place.  Coupled with constant change and version control, they needed an easier way to find their content.

“We needed a company we could rely on and trust. In our review of potential vendors, we found Qvidian to have the expertise to back up what they were selling,” she went on to say. Kroll Ontrack quickly realized vendors fell into one of two categories – those who focus on the word processing/formatting of documents, and those that were database driven.  Only Qvidian fit both of those requirements and would enable them to streamline their RFP response creation.

At Qvidian, we know our clients need to be able to rely on our services to be as thorough and robust as their own. We take pride in uncovering their specific needs and demonstrating the many ways we can meet them.

We are excited about working with Kroll Ontrack and welcome them to the Qvidian family.