Kickin’ It New School: Less Content, More Personalization


Posted By Anastasia Bogomolov | Oct 01, 2014


In today’s age of information overload, content isn’t difficult to come by – it’s everywhere, in all forms. And the more content you consume, the more knowledge you digest…right? Personally, I’m not so sure. Instead, I often find that the seemingly endless stream of information is overwhelming, contradictory, and plain old wrong – leading to a diluted conclusion as opposed to the possibility of informed analysis. I’m not alone in this conundrum. And when it comes to an overflow of collateral in a sales portal, your sales reps are very likely just as overburdened by data deemed necessary for reasons unknown.

Everyone in the company – with all the right intentions – with access to information they foresee as useful to a sales teams, use sales portals as what are essentially endless archives. The collateral is dumped in a box, and while the existence of the box is real, the content – due to constant and impulsive overload – is eventually neither properly accessible nor strategically utilized. That is to say, the content might as well be invisible.

Old School Sales Thinking

There’s an old and exhausted school of thought out there: Enabling sales reps means providing them more collateral for them to send to buyers.

Let’s explore why this thinking is indeed as worn-out as your Michael Jordan jersey. In a nutshell, change happens. Market conditions can (and do) change at a moment’s notice, therefore enabling your sales teams with collateral and sales tools only contributes to an overly complex, time-consuming and frustrating environment.

Sales reps simply end up wasting too much time on internal activities such as logging in to a system that is disconnected from the tools they use every day (CRM system, tablet, email, etc.) and searching from loads of often outdated and broad content, and less time on actually selling to customers. This leads reps, especially new hires, to feel overwhelmed, lose confidence, and stick to the materials they’ve saved on their desktops. Clearly, this isn’t working….A new school of thought is in order.

By providing your sales teams with tools for a dynamic, guided and step-by-step approach to selling and communicating, you are are effectively executing on synthesizing an overflow of information, allowing for:

  • Intelligently consolidated information
  • The ability to provide content that’s customized to the opportunity at hand
  • Timely “guided selling” assistance, giving sales reps information relevant to their current status in the sales process

Empowering your sales team to have value added conversations with buyers supported by personalized selling content sets you on your way to fix what’s broken and execute effectively.