We’re All Just People, People: It’s time to Personalize Selling


Posted By Qvidian | Dec 15, 2014


We humans are a unique bunch, every single one of us. And while lumping like-minded individuals into groups is reasonable in cases of personal interests – (foodies, for instance, enjoy dining out, but that’s not always the case, with some preferring to play chef in the comfort of their own home) – doing so only touches upon the group collective, dismissing key characteristic differences expressed by billions of DNA cells. In fact, I’ve read that if you were to line up all of the DNA found in every cell of your body it would stretch from the earth to the sun 100 times!


So when it comes to selling, we illogically choose to gloss over the fundamental principle of inherent diversity, taking the easy way out by applying a formula, or a series of “proven” steps to making a sale. This routine of doing the same old thing in the same old tired way is a recipe for mediocrity – and for a competitive disadvantage. Yet we’re stuck; we just can’t seem to move forward and sell differently, so we continue to blanket the buying landscape

In a recent Business2Community article, “Sales People Are Not Automatons,” Dave Brock zeros in on this very problem by pointing out that salespeople persist to script their conversations without paying much attention to personalization, thereby failing to provide the potential customer value with every word forward. After conducting reviews with several sales teams, Dave found that “they were struggling, performance wasn’t improving, they were spending a lot more time on the tools/processes than they were in actually engaging and executing with customers.” He continues, “it became clear they were getting caught up in the “form” of the processes and tools, not understanding the intent and “spirit” of why these were being put in place in the first place. Management, through their own misunderstanding, was coaching rigid compliance – check every box, dot every “i,” cross every “t.” This is all too familiar, we’re creatures of habit and follow procedure – unfortunately, it’s to a fault – a damaging fault that can work to affect your bottom line.

Here at Qvidian, we realize every person - buyer or seller - is unique. Our Guided Selling Platform provides the benefits of systematizing what works in an organization, capturing critical information for leadership visibility, all while streamlining the sales process with the tools a sale rep needs to use – only it’s 100% situational and unique to the selling situation. The solution adapts as the sales rep adapts, humanizing the otherwise all too mechanic sales process. No two buyers are alike – just as two deals are the same, so we’ve done the dirty work – we’ve created a way to have unique conversations each and every time.