Seeing the Possibilities: Increase Sales with a New Outlook


Posted By Kaitlyn Myers | Jun 03, 2014


The Belmont Stakes is coming up, and I’ve got horses and races on my mind. Especially all of the sights and sounds of Belmont: silks, carnations, blinders, and hooves on dirt. But blinders are interesting. Some jockeys use them to try and help their horses ignore the stands and all of their people and noise in order to focus on only what’s in front of them.

I’ve also been thinking about all the ways I put up my own blinders. They might help horses that are running a race, but humans? Not so much. I sometimes find that when I’m headed towards a goal, I put up blinders to help filter out what I think will distract me. While that might be great if you’re on a clear, straight path, it doesn’t typically work in most situations.

Trying to improve a team is rarely going to be as simple as running a race. When working with people and trying to reach a goal, you need to look at more than what is directly in front of you. Those blinders can keep you from truly seeing everything.

Horse blinders

For a sales team, improving sales performance might seem simple: take the top performers and get them to perform better, right? That’s not necessarily the best approach. They are already motivated and meeting (and likely exceeding!) goals, however there’s other sales reps that you could focus on instead.

Getting the middle 60% of your sales team to perform marginally better, even 5%, can make a huge difference. These reps are already motivated in their own right and performing relatively well, but might need a little boost to really get them going. A “meager” 5% improvement from each of these reps can mean 91% greater sales than the same change in the top 20% of performers.

New perspective on leading

With a new perspective on leading, you can get what you need by seeing what was out of sight, but within reach. It might seem odd to strive for a small percentage of improvement, but it’s a reachable goal, and will have a lasting impact. Moving that middle 60% could give you the results you were looking for all this time - all you need to do is take off your blinders.

Moving the Middle

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