The Hidden Secrets Inside Qvidian


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Jul 14, 2016


It’s so interesting to me that to people outside a business, there’s often a mystique about the operations going on inside. I used to think this way as well. “What are they doing? How do they accomplish so much? What are the secrets they are keeping?”

RFP ManagementI recently had time to sit down with one of my new colleagues, Karen Letendre. Karen joined Qvidian as a Product Manager this past year. She has an interesting perspective because before she joined Qvidian, she was a Qvidian customer for over 10 years. I asked Karen what surprised her the most when she joined our company. What she said floored me.

Karen told me, “What surprised me the most was how much everyone cares about the product.” My chin almost hit the floor. Being on the inside, I know, firsthand, how much everyone cares about Qvidian’s proposal automation software and digital sales playbooks, and in turn, the customers who use them. The only problem I ever saw was that sometimes I wondered if we all care too much were we duplicating efforts trying to serve our customers? Well, if that’s our problem, then we are in a very good place.

People at Qvidian are excited to help our customers because we know how much these products can truly help them. We’ve seen it firsthand, and once you see successes like those achieved by our customers such as Dell (NASDAQ:DELL), Citi (NYSE:C), Aramark (NYSE:ARMK), CA (NASDAQ:CA), Rosetta Stone (NYSE:RST), and so many others, you can’t help but want to show newer customers what’s possible for them as well. That energy and desire spills over into everything we do. That’s probably why our annual proposal customer conference, Connect, is so popular. Just take a look at our highlight video from Connect 2016.

As our President, Lewie Miller, says, “We are building a culture of listening to our customers.” I’d say it’s pretty well built, Lewie. But what Karen’s comment showed me is while we have successfully built that listening culture and continue to hone it each and every day, we need to let our customers know it exists. We can’t allow how much we care about our product and customers to be our best kept secret.

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Qvidian is a pretty modest company. We don’t like to brag, and sometimes we’re too quiet for our own good. We encourage our customers to share their thoughts, ideas, successes and suggestions with us all the time, and we’re reinforcing with them how much we do listen.

For those who don’t yet know us, I invite you to take a look at the leadership videos on our About page featuring Qvidian President, Lewie Miller, VP, Consulting Services, Jeff Weil and VP, Product, Karen Meyer. These one-minute videos will give you a very good indication of the heart and dedication here at Qvidian. After that, if you have any questions, reach out to any one of us. You are sure to get your answers, maybe from multiple sources!