Habit #5 Article: Make it Accessible, Avoid the “Lost Ketchup Scenario”: Make Your Content Accessible


Posted By Qvidian | Jan 19, 2016


Have you read the Seven Habits for Highly Effective Sales Content yet? Don't worry - either way, we've created this series of posts to highlight those 7 habits for success.

In our house, a variation of the following scenario occurs at least once a week. My son will stand in front of the refrigerator looking for his favorite condiment.

“Where’s the ketchup?” he asks. Keep in mind that he’s looking with his eyes only, not actually moving things around.

“In the same place it always is,” I think, but instead, I try to be positive. “It’s in there,” I say. “Keep looking.”

Sigh from him. “I still don’t see it,” he replies.

 Sigh from me. I now have to get up from whatever I’m doing, walk to the fridge, move the milk a little, and … surprise! The ketchup was there the whole time.

Help Sales Find the Ketchup

Sound familiar? If you’re a parent, chances are good you’ve experienced a similar situation in your house, too.

But today, many sales content professionals may be facing a version of the “Lost Ketchup Scenario” in their organization. Specifically, how can they help salespeople find the right content they need themselves – quickly, efficiently, and effectively?

It’s becoming a real challenge: According to recent research, 83% of salespeople report that they have a hard time finding the content they need.[1] Worse, when they can’t find what they need, they usually abandon the search and possibly use outdated materials, often leading to a missed sale.

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It’s like offering guests hamburgers with maple syrup on them because you couldn’t find the ketchup fast enough, and then being surprised when they don’t like them.

Don’t Let Your Portal Become the Weak Link

It’s important to end the analogy here though. Clearly salespeople aren’t lazy and are willing to search your content portal to find the best sales tools possible. In fact, they want to use your “latest, greatest” content just as much, if not more, than you want them to. 

But if your portal is hard to use, poorly organized, or just not as intuitive as sales expects, there is a good chance that a salesperson won’t use that perfect tool you created. For example, they may miss your brand new ROI tool and underwhelm a prospect with fuzzy math or back-of-the-envelope calculations. Talk about a lost opportunity.

Clearly, it’s a frustrating experience for content professionals and salespeople, but it’s the entire organization that suffers the most: Lost deals, missed revenue targets, decreased profitability, and more.

The Four Dimensions of Effective Content Access

What can you do to improve? First, you can download Qvidian’s new whitepaper, Seven Habits for Highly Effective Sales Content, to gain insight into seven proven strategies for increasing the quality – and effectiveness – of your content.

When you do, you’ll get a closer look at the “Four Dimensions of Effective Content Access,” a topic that is perfect for any content professional to consider when setting up, or maintaining a portal. For example, you’ll see how expert delivery functionality can dynamically serve up the most appropriate sales tool for each selling situation aligned to the buyer’s journey. 

Avoid the “Lost Ketchup Scenario” in your company. When it comes to making content accessible, be ruthlessly disciplined about making it as easy to find and use as possible. Much like a hungry 10-year-old, your sales reps will thank you for it later.


[1] The 2015 Content Automation Trends Report, Qvidian. 2015