Going with the Chicken on This One


Posted By Qvidian | Apr 27, 2016


Proposal Automation Demo SoftwareWhich came first – the chicken or the egg? Simple enough, and even philosophically rooted. But the harder question is which came first – the positive customer experience or employee engagement. One could say that without consistent employee engagement there cannot be a positive and consistent customer experience. But then again, positive customer experience can actually drive employee engagement. The bottom line, it’s up to leadership to drive

Some have argued that the customer owns the customer experience. And part of that is true. However, a company’s culture, with collaboration, communication, and alignment is at the core of what drives employee engagement and ultimately what customers experience. That engagement also cascades across every function to ensure customers are achieving their desired outcomes. When strong leadership is aligned, teams are aligned. And with clear vision and direction, driven by the CEO, the customer experience can be extremely positive.

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Qvidian leverages NPS to measure our customer experience and satisfaction. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer loyalty metric based on customer satisfaction surveys that are completed after different interactions with customers. For context, the average B2B company score is +24, the average SaaS company score is +30. An NPS score of +55 is considered “Excellent”. Qvidian far surpasses that excellent number most profoundly and we strive every day as a collective team, driven by our CEO, to maintain and advance that measurement.

Our score is representative of every employee at Qvidian – what they do, how they do it, and how customers appreciate and have communicated their satisfaction and loyalty in us. No matter which side you lean, chicken or the egg, positive customer experience or employee engagement, the fact is – you need both.