Fantasy Football


Posted By Kaitlyn Myers | Oct 05, 2015


With the official arrival of Fall, we also have another season upon us: Football. Sunday afternoons and Monday Night Football now becomes a staple of most American homes (and can’t forget those college teams on Saturday afternoons).

But with football season comes something else, and I’m not just referring to taco dip recipes on Pinterest: Fantasy Football. It’s estimated that over 41 million people participate in fantasy sports, with an approximately 19 million people competing in public and private leagues online. The concept is relatively simple: select the best players from teams throughout the NFL and put together for your own uniquely created team. Then, your team competes against other custom teams each week based on player stats and performances from actual games played (and my husband thinks I don’t pay attention!).

So, how does this relate to your role in sales or marketing? Well, consider the best or most compelling traits of members on your team. Wouldn’t it be great to pair the initiative of one player, with the tenacity of another, coupled with the time management skills of another? Just think of that dream team and what you could accomplish!

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Want to learn more about building your own Sales and Marketing Fantasy Dream? Check out this brief video to learn a bit more.