Dude, where's my content?


Posted By Qvidian | Aug 11, 2015


Content is the name of the game here at Qvidian. And while we’re aware our readers are key players – aka participants – in the ever-complex pursuit of content hide and seek, we realize that it’s not always easy to smoothly complete the many challenging levels selling presents without the Content Sales Enablement armor. And safeguarding yourself with the right information, for the right sales encounter, isn’t always easy. At the same time, the process of gathering the information you need shouldn’t be a game of Clue.

It should be immediate. And dare we suggest…it should be automated.

Our motto: You can’t use what you can’t find. And according to our recent Content Automation Trends report (if you haven’t checked it out yet, it will be worth your time to do so now), only 17% of survey respondents are easily accessing the right content for each particular selling situation, leaving some 83% of sales people that are left struggling to locate the content they need. This implies that most sales teams are likely abandoning their search and relying on outdated content instead. Furthermore, with proposals (67%), presentations (63%), and RFPs (60%) cited as the top 3 most used pieces of content, assembling the various pieces involved in each of these is difficult at best and fruitless at worst.

Furthermore, while 78% of respondents feel that sales content is very important to the effectiveness of their sales reps, 60% say that their content only somewhat or not very well impacts their sales team’s ability to close deals. This gap in selling effectiveness is comparable to trying to drive a car with four flat tires.

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78% say content is important for effective sales, but only 40% say it actually helps http://bit.ly/1KgkR63

It boils down to this – in order to sell more effectively, sales teams need to know where buyers are in their buying journey, align with them quickly, and deliver the most relevant and personalized content assets that delivers the most compelling value proposition. This better equips sellers and enables them to have deeper and more fruitful conversations with buyers. Further to reiterate the gap that exists in sales organizations, 71% of survey respondents state that their content only somewhat, not very well, or not at all helps sales teams have more effective conversations with their buyers.

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